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Batgirl entered the Batman TV show in 1967 in order to try to freshen up and save the series as it was in danger of being cancelled, as its popularity had been declining towards the end of its second  season.

A 10 minute presentation was filmed to introduce the Batgirl character into the series in 1967 to make her appearance in the third season. ABC liked the idea, but unfortunately her appearance couldn’t save the show as it  sadly came to a end in 1968, with Batgirl appearing in 26 episodes.

The 1967 Batgirl Presentation


Height: 5’4″
Eyes: Green
Weight: 109 lbs.
Hair colour: Brown (Her red hair was extensions/fake)

In reality Batgirl really is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of the Police Commissioner Gordon. She lives in a cool apartment in Gotham City, her apartment number is 8A but I’ve never heard the address mentioned in the TV series. Barbara Gordon also works at the Gotham City Library.

The only person who knows she’s Batgirl is Alfred (Bruce Wayne’s butler). Batgirl is not related to Batman or Robin but she aids them in crime-fighting. She drives a purple Batgirl Cycle around the streets of Gotham City. Introduced in the episode, “Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin” (first aired September 14, 1967), in which the Penguin planned to gain immunity from the law by marrying the police commissioner’s librarian daughter, Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl had no judo or karate skills, no photographic memory, nor even actual red hair. She still managed to give Gotham’s underworld a hard time, however, usually with a well-placed fan kick and effectively turned TV’s Dynamic Duo into the Terrific Trio.

Yvonne Craig

“When they called me and asked if I would like to do Batgirl in the Batman series, I was very interested. I had been looking around for a series. When I went into Mr Doziers office, he said ‘And of course you’ve seen our show’ and I said that I hadn’t but tyhat I would watch it all summer long in re-runs if I get this job because I need to know how it looks and how I fit in. He didn’t seem offended by that at all.”

Yvonne was born on the 16th May 1937, in her early life before her television carrer she was trained to be a ballet teacher. She gradually moved into acting during the 1950s. Before appearing on television she starred in a few films including; “The Young Land, The Gene Krupa Story, and High Time. She even played alongside Elvis Presley in “Kissin’ Cousins”.

During the mid-1960s Yvonne moved from film into television, where in 1965 she appeared in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”. More famously she played as “Marta” (a green skinned Orion) in the third series Star Trek episode entitled “Whom Gods Destroy” in 1968. Of course, she played Batgirl from 1967-68 on “Batman’s” last season which came to be her most famous role.