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Batgirl's Gadgets

Electronic Batgirl Compact

This device was never used in the series, only in the 1967 ABC Promo! With A Lazer Beam

Batgirl Antidote Pills

These saved Batman & Robin's life after being stunned by the Joker's tricky hand buzzer.

Anti Easedrop Plug

Stops people listening into your telephone conversations!

Spare Batgirl Costume

It's inside the case!

Secret Batgirl Room Instant Transformer

Press this and the hidden Batgirl "lair" behind the revolving wall changes into an innocent storage room!

Secret Batgirl Room Instant Re-Transformer

Press this and it changes the innocent storage room back to Batgirl's "lair"!

Library Burglar Alarm

This device flashes and rings when the Gotham City Library has been broken into!

The Secret Revolving Wall

Behind this is the Batgirl costume, and the way to the Batgirl Cycle. Some crime-fighting tools are no doubt stored in here as well!

Microfilm Records

I need to find something out but a criminal has stolen the book. Don't worry the Gotham City Library keeps micofilm prints of every book!

This isn't Batgirl's but it's an handy tool to use when shes Barbara Gordon!

The Bat-Rope

Batman has forgotton his Bat-Rope again... Luckily Batgirl has one!

The Bat-Phone

OK this isn't Batgirl's but she sometimes sneaks into her father's office and uses it to contact Batman & Robin!

Answering Machine

Chief O' Hara getting updated on the latest piece of technology: Barbara Gordon's telephone answering machine!


This again isn't hers, she raced in it representing Bruce Wayne to beat the Penguin!

Batgirl's Walkie-Talkie

Batgirl Geiger Counter on the Batgirl Cycle