Harry with Chandell both played by Liberace

Chandell turned to a life of crimed after being blackmailed by his evil brother Harry. Above on the left is Harry, with Chandell being on the right. As you can see Liberace the famous pianist played both roles. Chandell's plot was to murder both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson then to marry Aunt Harriet so he can get his hands on the Wayne's Foundations funds. He would then use the money to pay off his brother Harry.


"Like some of the children, I loved the villians because they were sort of the anti-he-roes and you always wanted to see what they could do to put Batman and Robin in a predicament and then, of course, it was fun to see how they got out of it."

According to Adam West's book "Back to the Batcave", Liberace was a very nice man and liked very much backstage. Adam West said "At lunch periods, he would sit at the piano and say, 'What do you want me to play?' He would play anything."

Chandell with Aunt HarrietHarry, Chandell's evil twin brother


1. William Dozier - "Liberace brought his own grand piano and his own costumes. He wouldn't trust anyone else's piano."

2. The name Chandell is a play on one of Liberace's trademarks, the Chandelier.

3. Chandell's episode's were the highest rated/watched out of all the Batman shows.

Doe, Rae and Mimi

Above was Chandell's accomplices, would appear through a mysterious fog.