Marsha Queen Of Diamonds

Marsha Queen of Diamonds played by Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones

Date of Birth & Location : 28 April 1929 (USA).

Date of Death & Location : 3 August 1983 (USA).


She truly belived that diamonds are a girls best friend and will do anything to gain access to the bat-diamond in the batcave to add to her extensive collection. One has to be extra carefull when approaching Marsha was one hit with her love dart will make any man want to become her slave, Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara and Robin included!

She also got that one step furthur than Catwoman with Batman, by almost marrying him so she could gain access to the batcave and of course keep Robin safe. But thankfully, Alfred and Aunt Harriet crashed the wedding claiming that Batman was already married.. phew!

Batman to marry Marsha Queen of Diamonds?

Although a clear master villainess she would be nothing without her confused accomplace Aunt Hilda who makes Marsha potions like the love dart to assist her in crimes.

Aunt Hilda

Estelle Winwood as Aunt Hilda in Batman

Aunt Hilda was played by Estelle Winwood (born 24th Jan 1883 in England, died 20th June 1984 in USA).

She appeared in both of the Marsha storylines in the second season. Her role was to make potions to aide Marsha, then Marsha and Penguin with their crimes. She was a confused woman who clearly thought that she was some sort of witch. When our heros foiled Marsha, Aunt Hilda was never sent to the Gotham Penetentary, instead she was sent to school to teach home econmics/food technology to teenage students. Bruce Wayne called her a "frustrated chef".


1. It was originially announced in the New York Daily News, that Zsa Zsa Gabor (who of course later played Minerva) was going to play the part of Marsha.

The Penguin played by Burgess Meredith with Carolyn Jones who played Marsha Queen of Diamonds in 1966 Batman

Marsha with the Penguin, pictured above.