Mr Freeze

Eli Wallach as Mr. Freeze

Eli Wallach is my personal favourite Mr Freeze.

During a fight between Batman and Dr. Victor Fries in a laboratory, Batman accidently spills a container of instant freeze solution on the doctor forcing him to live in an frozen cold environment of fifty degrees below zero, meaning that he is forced to wear a cooling suit whenever he leaves his lair. Doctor Fries soon continues a more vigerous life of crime now under the name of Mr. Freeze to gain revenge on Batman.

Mr. Freeze 1967Eli WallachMr. Freeze with thugs

Eli Wallach

Date of Birth : 7 December 1915 in the United States.

Eli served for his country in the second world war then after persued in a acting carrer due to his love for drama. Eli played the third Mr. Freeze in the Batman Tv series which was also the characters last appearance. The previous Mr. Freeze was played by the incredibly unpopular Otto Preminger, which is the main reason Eli replace him as Freeze.

"When my kids were little, they'd always plead with me to appear on 'Captain Kanga-roo' or 'Batman' or 'Rawhide,' 'Howdy Doody,'.... Otto Preminger (who created Mr. Freeze) was unavailible for one sequence, so I stepped into the character, with his German accent intact. I was a little Batman and Robin since I was heavy, but it was fun for me. For years afterward, i was respected and honored by my kids. Later I did Trader Eli on 'Captain Kangaroo,' but recieved only half the kudos that I got for Mr.Freeze!"

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1. Eli Wallach is the third out of three actors to play Mr Feeze.