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The 1966 Batman Message Board

The 1966 Batman Message Board
THE place for any batfan to be, the largest 60s Batman message board on the internet, sign up for free today!

The Cave Board

Another message board but not only for the 60s Batman series but contains other superhero boards aswell, for example the Green Hornet or Wonder Woman.

The Bat-Site

A fellow website from the UK. I am sure you will enjoy the extensive history and character bios webpages.

The Batpages

The most exciting, colourful and interactive bat-site around. Has a great multimedia section with high quality pictures and videos.

Adam West Is The **REAL** Batman

Has a collection of many different autographed pictures with a library full of merchandise.

Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage

A site focusing on the third season of Batman, particulary Batgirl. Also includes "Behind the scenes" articles about some of the TV episodes inside the "Omake" section. This website now hosts the "Siamese Human Knot" webpages which focuses on the third season episode; "Nora Clavicle and the Ladies Crime Club".

Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies

THE site for all fans of that feline devil Catwoman. From the comic books to TV, from the 60s til today this site has it all.

TY'S Yvonne Craig Homepage

Yvonne Craig tribute website.

Batgirl Access

A tribute to Yvonne Craig's Batgirl. Focuses on her and the third season of Batman.

Batmania Adam West Squadron (espaƱol)

A site from Argentina with fun downloads such as screensavers or desktop wallpapers. I suggest you google translate this website as it is all in Spanish.

Die Kultserie mit Adam West und Burt Ward (auf deutsch)

Episode guide and history information all in German. Google translate.

Holy Smokes Batman!

A collection of sound files from every single Robin "holy" phrase.

Steve & Andy Meet Batman

A podcast dedicated to the 1966 Batman series.

Catwoman Southern Style

A Julie Newmar's Catwoman fan site.


A blog about anything Batman related.

Batman Yesterday, Today & Beyond!

Contains information such as history, episode guides and gadgets used for all movies/tv shows of Batman. Primaraly it is a large Batman forum.

Reality Bites Back - A blog with nice character synopsis'

Batman Geek Blog

The Legions Of Gotham