Website Awards

There are many Batman websites around on the internet, as you can tell by my rather extensive links section. However, I thought it would be interesting to make reviews about the best websites whilst awarding them a prize - I know it's only a banner, but I'm sure it would increase your websites prestige to your visitors. Winning websites will be selected on a montly basis.

If you would like your website to be considered for the award, please contact me.

Above is the award winning banner - which winners may post on their site if they wish.

February 2010 Winner

Website : Holy Smokes Batman!

Webmaster : Jay

Review : Well you may have come across the Robin "holy" webpage/list on my website well, HolySmokesBatman.Com features sound clips from each and every "holy" phrase that Robin said in both the 1966 movie and tv series. The sound files can be played through the website, then you even have the option to download the sound file onto your computer. All files are in fantastic high quality. It must have taken ages to find each "holy" moment then capture the sound file, then to upload each individual one so I praise the hard work and effort being put into the creation of this original website. That is why I have awarded HolySmokesBatman.Com with the first award for the year 2010!

June 2009 Winner

Website : Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies

Webmaster : Timothy J. Forbes

Review : This website is dedicated to all Catwoman fans, from the past to the present. Their are detailed biographies for each actress who played Catwoman, with fantastic photo galleries for each Catwoman. For me my favourite part of the website is the galleries, where high quality on set or behind the scenes pictures are featured, most of which are exclusive to the website. Also, detailed information about Catwoman in the comics, in motion picture movies and of course on television is avalible.

Another great feature is that Catfans everywhere can become involved through the "Catfan" section. This is where catfans can submit their own stories, pictures or accounts about their love for Catwoman. Aswell as this fans are able to find out about upcomming events for example Comic Con's under the "Events" section, so everyone can become involved - you can read up and view photos of previous conventions also!

Other than Catwoman this website does pay tribute to other female comic book or television stars for example their are sections for Yvonne Craig (1967-68 Batgirl), Batwoman and Jill St. John (played Molly on the Batman television series).

April 2009 Winner

Website : Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage!

Webmaster : Twof

Review : This website focuses mainly on Batgirl and the third season of Batman. It gives detail accounts of bat-traps that Batgirl got caught up in plus many screenshots, literally everything on this website is deep in fascinating material. For me, the highlight of the website is the "story" section. This is where the Batman Tv series continues, new fan made scripts/episodes are produced and they are currently onto the 14th season, most of the stories make great reading and you could search through them for days, literally!

So I award the "Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage" simply because of the detailed and extensive webpages included on it which I really appreciate as I have (and I am sure you will too) learnt so much about Batgirl and the third season from that website. Also have spent many hours over the past few years enjoying those new bat-episodes!

March 2009 Winner

Website : Batfriend.Com

Webmaster : Scott Sebring

Review : In my opinion is the most exciting Batman website on the internet due to its magnificent multimedia and interactive feel. You get a fantastic impression from the splash webpage where you have to open the bookcase and slide down the batpoles to enter the website, just like the start of an episode, then you can watch an impressive intro before viewing the home page. The website has not just won the award for a great intro or well laid out website but it has tons of information about our heros and the history of Batman, plus an extensive multimedia section full of high quality pictures and rare video footage. I enjoy this website alot mainly to do with its interactive features which is not seen in any other website for example you can click through the "Purr-Fect Crime" episode or enjoy the many moving flash images on the majority of its webpages. stands out most of all for its originality in content and really captures the fun, colour, imagination and excitment of the 1960s Batman series in the website. A second congratulation is in order for being the first website to ever win my award!

I highly recommend you visit this website now if you have not already done so!