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Welcome to my tribute to classic Batman

Welcome to my online corner of the web, dedicated to the classic Batman television series, which premiered on January 12th 1966 in the US on ABC and was an instant success. In fact part one of the debut achieved a 49% share of the audience with part two the following day increasing it’s share to 59% making Batman one of the most successful TV premieres ever!

After the first season a spin off movie (Batman : The Movie) was released in July 1966, which launched the series across the world. By the second season huge Hollywood names lined up to be a villain on the show, most notably Liberace’s appearance was the highest rated episode of the series. The show came into decline in its third season with its last episode being broadcasted on 14th March 1968.

In 1984 all 120 episodes were remastered to bring back the colour/sharpness of the original broadcasts. Even today 50 plus years later, the show is still being shown on TV channels such as FX and TV Land, as new generation’s of ‘bat-mania’ continue to emerge and more ‘bat-maniacs’ are added to the extensive list of worldwide fans!

After MANY years of on-going legal entanglements over the rights to the series. In 2014 the full series was remastered further into high definition for its first ever release onto home video – for the DVD and BluRay.

I’m personally too young to have seen the original run of the series back in 1966 however, I am part of the new batfan generation, after watching re-runs of the series on several cable television stations since the early 1990’s. I was about five years old when I watched Batman for the first time, with my first episode being “Catwoman’s Dressed to Kill”. Since that day my love for the series has grown and grown… So this website is my tribute to the greatest television series EVER… BATMAN!

Adam West – “In the 60s, there were the three ‘B’s’, Batman, Bond and the Beatles”.

Batman (Adam West) & Robin (Burt Ward) signed photograph
Batman (Adam West) & Robin (Burt Ward) signed photograph

Please use the navigation bar at the top of every page, you will find a drop-down of various sub-pages of information. On the right hand side of every page (or at the bottom depending on your device) is the ‘featured column’, these are essentially blog posts of latest news or information and reviews about more current goings on in the 66 Batman world.


Martyn Craig Durkin

Well I’ll start by saying I was 5 when I first saw the show for the first time and as a young kid I truly believed in Batman.

My sister and later my brother grew up with Adam West and Burt Ward as our Batman Hero’s who we believed in and my own children were also introduced to our Batman as we liked to call him.

Later in my life I was in the military and then later the Prison Service where my Batsman and his ethics were my inspiration.

I am now in my mid fifties plus and I find the passing of Adam so sad and like the closing of a chapter of my own life.

Personally I’d like a stage play about Adam and Burt created with the Batusi and other 60’s songs included so no body ever forgets the real Batman who was and is Adam West.

Love to all true Bat- Fans



Where can I get a TV listing of the Batman RERUNS of the first season in 1966, episodes rerun during the Summer of 66?

Cary David Hoffson

Batman tv.show of the 1960s was one of the biggest thing of the 1960s on all of t.v. and toys and cars and games and the Batman cards with the gum and music from the 1960s Batman t.v. show and costumes of Batman ever ever were And kids playing Batman and robin it was the only tv.show from the 1960s that was like this at the time

Cary David Hoffson

It was great in its own way to pave the way for more of Batman to get made for movies and t.v. shows and everything else that has to do with Batman and it all came from Adam west did back in the 1960s with out it their be no Batman of any kind in this world and would have gone away and know one would know of Batman was born or the name itself

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