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Ta da… Presenting the new blog =D & Bat-Tours

With many thanks to my mate who runs http://www.gamezxtra.uk.to/ website, he was able to help me integrate my blog into the existing webdesign. This will make it more easier to navigate around the blog as it has the navigation bar at the top, more importanty it makes the blog part of the website so hopefully more people can find the news/updates more easier now than before.


Also I have found this great video on YouTube called “Bat Tours: The Batcave” which was filmed by Scot Sebring, you will have probably come across his website a few times, if not you must check it out batfriend.com . Anyway, he has made a great video where he drives to the location of the batcave and shows you around it. Has some very interesting information here, plus if your like me a batfan from outside the States that has not seen what it looks like today well heres your chance:

Again, thanks for visiting my website.

Batman =D