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DC Comics Vs Johnny Resin

Today DC Comics has sued Johnny Stacks from Florida, accusing him of copyright fraud by making then selling unauthorized figurine kits (pictured above) based on the 1960s Batman television series.

You may have seen his website, it has been featured within my links pages for a few years now at http://www.johnnysresin.com/ which has now been closed down leaving this message; ““THIS SITE IS CLOSED AND NO LONGER PRODUCES ANY RESIN KITS OR ANY OTHER ITEMS!”.

Mr Stacks claims he has agreements with the actors/actresses who appear in the figurines. But DC Comics claims to be annoyed with the statement on his website which read “All images on this site are resin kits built by John Stacks . Not DC Characters.” Which infact they are DC charcters also DC claims that they have asked several times previously for Mr Stacks to stop selling his figurines. And accuses him on cutting into lucrative profits.

Mr Stacks has issued this statement reguarding the lawsuit; “”I don’t have the money to fight this, so I don’t know where I’m going to go with it”.

For more information about this news item click HERE.

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