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Hello world!

I have just updated the guestbook because the previously hosted Yahoo Geocities service would expire late this October (26th I think). This is because Yahoo are deleting all their free hosting acounts, so if you have files hosted with them I suggest you login to Geocities then back them up!

The new guestbook is powered by Bravenet and embeds nicely onto my website’s webpage. I have also added a “GuestMap”. This is where you can pin and show where you are in the world using a map. You can find both services here : http://www.66batmania.com/guestbook/index.php

A final update is that I have added the links to two video reunion shows I posted on my blog awhile back onto the videos webpage so they can be found much more easier, instead of searching through my blog’s archive. The video webpage can be found here : http://www.66batmania.com/multi/videos/index.php

Again, thanks for visiting.