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Burgess Meredith (Penguin) Birthday

Today (16th November) is the birthdate for Burgess Meredith who of course played as the ‘waddling bird of foul play’ aka the Penguin on Batman. If still alive Burgess would have been 102 today. Born in Cleveland Ohio in 1907 he was the most prominant villain in the Batman series appearing in 20 episodes plus the 1966 Batman Movie. For more information about his role as the Penguin visit this webpage : http://www.66batmania.com/main/villains/penguin.php

Other than Batman, Burgess is best known for playing Mickey Goldmill who was Rocky’s trainer during the Rocky film series. Burgess won an Emmy Award as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama Special for the 1977 television film “Tail Gunner Joe”. His last appearance was narrating the video game “Ripper”.

Meredith sadly passed away on September 9th 1997 due to Alzheimer’s disease. Burgess has a star on the walk of fame at Hollywood Boulevard.