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Yvonne Craig fan club & shop review

Hello all!

As promised in an earlier post about the Adam West Store, here is a review of Yvonne Craig’s and like Adam’s its all positive!

Shop (Pix and Autographs)

I placed my order on the 11th November then received it on the 19th so it took a week to arrived – perfect! I have scanned my picture below (click to enlarge). Also with that photo Yvonne sends the signed comic book free too (which I believe is in limited supply) and is also picture below:

So its well worth purchasing. I got them both with my fan club membership. Shipping from Yvonne’s website is slightly more expensive than Adam’s but this is its only issue. Again, the process was quick, easy and safe!

Fan Club

Her club offers:

“* a personal on line newsletter from Yvonne twice a year
* an audio clip section to hear from Yvonne in person
* video and partial transcript of the original 1967 Batman pilot which introduced Yvonne Craig as “Batgirl”
* reviews straight from Yvonne”

– Taken from YvonneCraig.Com

The pilot video is in fantastic quality, infact its the best quality version of it which I have seen. It is of course the 1967 pilot which was shown to ABC executives to give Batman its third season. More info on this can be found here : http://66batmania.com/main/batgirl/index.php

Her personal newsletter is very informative, its not only just about Batman related news but also an insight into what Yvonne is up to. She was also part of other shows like the original Star Trek series so features information about her other ventures. The reviews section speaks for itself, reviews written by Yvonne about books, dvds etc..

Membership is totally reasonable, just a one off payment as it lasts a lifetime. If you live within the United States it costs $12.95 anywhere else in the world costs $15.95.

To sign up for a membership visit here :


Again, thanks for visiting!