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Hello all!

In previous posts I have so far reviewed both Adam West’s and Yvonne Craig’s online stores/features. Recently I gave Julie Newmar (Catwoman’s) online store a go and have found that she has the best online service going!

I ordered photo #12 from here online shop (http://www.julienewmar.com/shop_photos.php) on the 29th November, which made a speedy arrive to me today on the 4th December. Best of all postage on her website is 100% FREE. The photo cost $30 (about £15) which is signed and personalised for no furthur cost. To purchase from her website you will need a PayPal account, which again is free and completely safe to use. Set-up for account only takes about 5 minutes max. So here is what I purchased:

Julie Newmar as Catwoman autograph

Now I have Adam, Burts, Yvonne’s and Julie Newmar’s autographs up on my wall and am very pleased. If you were like me and never had any of the casts autograph photo’s I seriously recomend you think about giving these online shops a try as I am very pleased with my purchases.

I am thinking of setting up a webpage displaying the links to all the stores and help with purchasing the products so stay tuned! Also aswell I will be changing the front splash webpage to my website bringing a more chritstmas feel to it.

Thanks again for visiting!