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Batman View Master

Hello all!

I just want to share with you all my new bat-purchase, a Batman view master set. Bought off of ebay for £13.50 (bargain) arrived yesterday in fantastic condition. The set came with a book which tells the story of the “Purr-Fect Crime/Better Luck Next Time” episodes with three picture reels – I also got my first viewmaster with it aswell! (All pictured above, obviously couldn’t scan the actual viewmaster!) Also click on an image above to enlarge.

I am amazed with it, when you look into the glasses the picture actually looks 3D. The best way of describing it, is its like looking through a window and watching the story unfold right in front of you, Catwoman just standing just a few centimetres away- very cool! If you do not have one of these I seriously suggest you go search for it on ebay, as this item is a right treat!

Scott Sebring has actually made a flash version of the viewmaster story, using the same pictures and text from the book. The pictures used are screencaps though, seems like 3D internet has not come around yet! =P You can see this here : http://www.batfriend.com/splashes/gaf/viewer.swf

Again, thanks for visiting!