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Burt Ward VIP & Shop review

Hello all!

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting for awhile, don’t worry I have not abandoned my website (simply had a busy christmas!) So I wish all you batfans a fantastic new year.

As you know I have been reviewing cast members website ordering services, so my first post of 2010 will be a review of Burt Ward’s website.

Membership to Burt’s website costs $15 (£9) per year, unlike Yvonne’s lifetime membership Burt will charge you annually. However, if you want to be a member I would advise you sign up ASAP as it is limited to a thousand fans with me being #928. Signing up for membership is simple as it is all done through paypal, which as I have mentioned before is a safe and easy transaction. The membership details are then sent to your e-mail adress about two days later. The members website area is a “work in progress” at the moment, other than the more choice of merchandise to purchase from the website the members area offers little extra at the moment.

I then purchased a photo from the members area of a 10×8 signed by Yvonne and Burt (pictured below).

Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig autographs

Apperently there was only 30 developed and for me this picture stood out as the best avalible on his website. The only flaw with it is you couldn’t have it autographed for some werid but unknown reason? Seems only a selected range of photo’s from Burt’s website can be personalised which is ashame! The plus side of his website is that a hologram is placed on either the front or back of the photo which proves the signatures are authentic. On my photo the hologram was placed at the back. The downside to Burt’s ordering service is that it takes longer than all the other cast member’s. I placed my order on the 27th November, it was dispatched on the 16th December and didn’t arrive untill the new year. This could be just the busy christmas period however it did take a while to be dispatched. (That is the only criticism though!)

I received a “retro membership card” which shows my name and date when I signed up. A letter signed by Burt Ward and my photo all in one package with all items being individually sealed. All items in top condition!

So overall a nice service is offered by Burt Ward, one that I will recommend to all batfans. I still can not wait for Adam West’s fanclub to be up and running. Adam has recently launched his own Facebook page which is interesting : http://www.facebook.com/adamwest

I also plan to do more updates more my website in the next few weeks so stay tuned to the blog as all new update news will be posted here.

Again, thanks for visiting my website!