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1939 Batman Dectective Comics No.2 smashes Superman’s record

On Monday 22nd February 2010 Superman’s first comic book became the first comic to sell for $1 million, making it the worlds most prestigious comic. However just three days later on Thursday 25th February, 1939 Dectective comics issue number 27 which features Batman’s first ever appearance sold for $1,075,500 beating Superman’s record!

The previous record was held for a 1938 Superman comic which sold for $317,000 back in 2009.

According to Mr Allen (sales director of Heritage) their have been only a maximum of 200 copies of Dectective Comics No.27 in existance. When it was sold back in 1939 the retail price was 10 cents for the comic, the owner who put his copy up for sale purchased his for $100 during the 1960’s. The comic was rated 8/10 in condition so is in a reasonably mint state.

This has to be fantastic news for any Batman fan, as this is a clear indication that Batman is the most popular and sort after superhero/comic book today.