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Adam West is finally awarded with a Hollywood Star

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Nearly 50 years after the television series, Adam West today (5th April 2012)  finally gets his recognition for his unique and classic portrayal of Batman during the 1960’s, with a spot on the world renowed Hollywood “Walk of Fame”.

Adam who is now 83 was awarded with the 2,468th star, he was joined by Family Guy producer Seth McFarlane and radio DJ Ralph Garman. Unfortunately his on-screen sidekick Robin played by Burt Ward could not make the event.

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler said; “We are thrilled to honor Adam with this prestigious award. Fans have been waiting for this special day for many years. Adam West fired up the billion dollar Batman franchise: the golden years and the classic Batman, the Bright Knight. He deserves his place of honour on our famed Walk of Fame.”

All I have to say is a massive congratulations to Adam West for a well deserved honour for which I am surprised he has not been awarded with before. You are a true TV icon, a true TV legend!