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CBS This Morning 1989 Batman Reunion Interview

This is a short but interesting Batman interview filmed in 1989 just before the Tim Burton Batman movie was released. In the video Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Julie Newmar and Adam West are all asked questions. In my opinion this is particularly interesting to watch as their are not many Batman interviews or reunions which include Cesar and Burgess, partly due to them passing away during the 1990’s, not all that long after that interview.

Just a words up, judging from the picture quality this is clearly taken from an old VHS tape and the advert break has been recorded and not edited out of the video… So just in case you start seeing adverts do not stop watching the video, their is more to see after the break! So basically the adverts start at 1:57 so simply just skip until 4:00 to miss out the cheesy Hallmark and mouthwash ads 😉