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Lorenzo Semple Jr. Died aged 91 today

The creator of the 1960’s Batman television series has passed away today (20/03/14) of natural causes in his Los Angeles home. In 1965 whilst living in Spain, Lorenzo was contacted by producer William Dozier to help create a television series about the comic book series Batman. Lorenzo Semple Jr. subsequently wrote the pilot episode which took off as an overnight success. He also went onto writing several over episodes for the series, mostly notably in the first season, where he had the job of “Executive Story Editor”. He then wrote the screenplay for the 1966 Batman Movie.

His other work included; episodes of “The Green Hornet”, “Flash Gordon”, “King Kong” and the unofficial James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again”.

“I think Batman was the best thing I ever wrote, including those big movies! As a whole work, it came out the way that I wanted it to, and I was excited by it.” – Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Rest in peace Lorenzo! You are an integral part of our beloved Batman television series and movie, without you this website wouldn’t even exist. A fantastic life and a career all us batfans will be forever grateful!

Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Born March 27th 1923. Died March 28th 2014.