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Aunt Harriet

Mrs Harriet Cooper or to the Wayne Family she is Aunt Harriet, Dick Grayson’s aunt. She has no idea that Bruce and Dick are Batman and Robin. She is not allowed in Bruce’s study where the bat-phone is located plus the secret entrance to the Bat-Cave.

Aunt Harriet strongly supports Batman and Robin in their work, and when things get tough she has the courage to stand up for herself, a good example of this is in the episode “The Dead Ringers” when she see’s that Chandells criminal brother is pretending to be him. She gets the gun out on him, “Stick it up sunny”!

Madge Blake

William Dozier (Executive Producer) – “The role of Aunt Harriet had to be carefully cast because she had to be not a stupid woman, but yet had to be stupid enough so that it never occurred to her that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson could be anything other than fishing.”

Her character Aunt Harriet was added to the series partly so that there was someone else in the house to prevent the two heroes from spending all their time in their Batman and Robin costumes and partly because they did not want people think that they were both gay lovers.

The producers of wanted to fire Madge Blake, for reasons best known to themselves. Adam West, with whom she’d become friends, stood up for her and she kept her job. The next day, he found a freshly baked cake in his dressing room. To this day, West considers that one of the greatest compliments he’s ever been paid.

In a letter to William Dozier (Producer) Blake writes; “Thank-You for giving me the role of Aunt Harriet. But I can’t think of an adequate way to say it! …. How could anyone have guessed that Batman would be a forest fire.”

Aunt Harriet was only in about 3 episodes in season three due to bad health, she unfortunately died a year after the series finished, on 19th February 1969 Pasadena, California, USA, from an heart attack. Madge Blake was born on 31st May 1899 in Kinsley, Kansas, USA.