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Chief O’Hara

Police Chief O’Hara is the Irish Chief of Gotham City’s Police Department… “Begorrrah”

He is basically Commissioner Gordon’s right hand man and will step in for him if he’s away.

William Dozier (Executive Producer) – “I was interviewed by a reporter in Boston…. She told me that all the Irish cops in Boston were quite concerned because this Irish cop Chief O’Hara was such a dolt. So I quickly assured her that this is Gotham City, nothing to do with Boston, if necessary I would come there to personally apologise to all the Irish policemen in Boston. But they all watched the show anyway, they got a great kick out of it!”

Stafford Repp

  • Born on 26th April 1918 in California
  • Died on 5 November 1974 in California
  • Had a business partnership in a chain of car washes
  • Majority of roles he played were cops ironically, his brother was a police officer
  • Big break came when he was hired to create sound effects for TV shows
Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara