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Warden Crichton


Warden Crichton is the warden for Gotham City’s Penitentiary. He always aimed to reform criminals instead of just punishing them. He had many theories or ideas for rehabilitation for example in #3 he said that he allows prisoners to wear their own clothes instead of prison issue during the last few days of their sentence to ease them back into society.

The Warden is only seen for nine episodes within the whole show, but his skills for reform came in handy plus he provided useful information to the dynamic duo about the villains for example their mindset as they left prison.

Warden Crichton was played by David Lewis who I have not got a lot of information about. David was born on 19th October 1916 in the USA and died on the 11th December 2000. He had won 3 awards as an actor, all of which were soap awards for his acting in “General Hospital”.

David Lews as Warden Crichton with Batman & Robin