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Producers and Writers

The Executive Producer for Batman was William Dozier, click HERE for more information.

Currently the only webpage I have about the writers is about Stanley Ralph Ross, who wrote the most Batman episode’s. Click HERE to watch an interview and read information about Stanley Ralph Ross.

Here is a list of all the other writers who wrote episode’s of Batman:

  • Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
  • Robert Dozier
  • Max Hodge
  • Fred De Gorter
  • Charles Hoffman
  • Stephen Kandel
  • Stanley Ralph Ross
  • Lee Orgel
  • John Cardwell
  • Jack Paritz
  • Bob Rodgers
  • Francis & Marian Cockrell
  • Robert C. Dennis
  • Earl Barret
  • Rik Vollaerts
  • Dick Carr
  • Sheldon Stark
  • Henry Slesar
  • Bill Finger
  • Charles Sinclair
  • Stanford Sherman
  • Jay Thompson
  • Ellis St. Joseph
  • William R. D’Angello
  • Robert Mintz
  • Dwight Taylor
  • Elkan Allan

The writers who wrote the most episodes were; Lorenzo Semple, Jr, Charles Hoffman, Stanley Ralph Ross and Stanford Sherman.