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Batgirl Cycle

Batgirl Cycle Batgirl Cycle

The Batgirl Cycle is what Batgirl uses to travel around Gotham City, she accesses the bike from an old unused elevator, hidden behind a revolving wall in her apartment. The elevator lowers the cycle down to an alleyway where she zooms out of the wall and into the street.

Play the video below to listen to the Batgirl theme song whilst watching the Batgirl Cycle in action.

Yvonne Craig

“One of the reasons I think they hired me because I had been a dancer. Howie Horwitz, who was the owner, and producer Bill Dozier both knew that. When I went into the office to talk to them, they also asked me if I had ever ridden a motorcycle, which indeed I had and owned one at the time. I did all of my stunts, and I also did all of the motorcycle riding. However, we never did any film mixing with rear screen projections. You never really saw me going fast down the street on that thing, as I recall, from a head-on point of view. I always was going somewhere, and they just filmed where ever I was going.”

“The motorcycle ride out of the secret exit was an interessting episode. It was the first day of shooting, and I knew the special effects man from somewhere else in Warner Brothers. I had been praticing riding out because I was supposed to ride through a brick wall. It was set up like a long tunnel, and he said, ‘Look, if you hit this mark and you at that point absolutely stand on it and give it all you got, it will look like you are riding the wall down. It will be real exciting.’ I said ‘Terrific!’ So, I did exactly as he said, but a little voice in my head said, hand close to the brakes because, it something goes wrong, you would like to be able to hit the brakes.”

“Sure enough, the first shot of the day, I went tearing out, and the wall did’nt come down. I was made of plywood and I would’nt have liked to have gone through it. I hit the brakes, and I went skidding sideways, missing the wall by about an inch. Nobody on the other side knew what was going on. They figured somewhere along the line I had chickened out and decided not to do it at all. Anyway, it worked the second time around.”

I have tried my best to find as much information as I can about Batgirl’s bike however, it has been a struggle! Firstly the bike used for the “1967 Batgirl Presentation” (click to watch) is different from the bike which was eventually used throughout season three, that is 100% fact. The story behind that bike is not however clear. A company called “Kustomotive” had a contract worth $500 to produce a Batgirl Cycle to be used for “A Batgirl Promotional Film” but the make of that bike is unknown, and the reason why they did not continue using that bike for the series is also unknown. Logic suggests that Fox and Greenway did not like the design, and to be honest it did not look anything special!

Now here is another gap in the puzzle… For yet another unknown reason Yamaha sent a YDS-5E motorcycle into Greenway Productions at Fox. The prop department at Fox Studios in California customised the bike to how you see it during season three. Unlike say the Batmobile where five were produced, only one Batgirl Cycle was made.

Subsequently when the Batman series was cancelled the Batgirl Cycle was sent back to Yamaha, still in its modified state. What happened to the bike when it got sent back to Yamaha or where it is now is anyones guess?

Picture below is of a typical Yamaha YDS-5E. Hard picturing this as a Batgirl Cycle eh!

Yamaha YDS-5E