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The Bat-Boat

William Dozier (Producer) – “The Bat-Boat was quite a thing, built by the Glastron Boat Company in Texas. Which is why we premiered the movie in Austin, Texas.”

The boat was customised from an Glastron V-174. Was brought in alongside the Bat-Copter for the 1966 Batman Movie. The Bat-Boat was rarely seen during the television series and when it was, it was simply stock footage used which was filmed during? the production of the movie. The boat could reach speeds up until 50mph.

The design brief for the Bat-Boat had to include; two seats, a flashing beacon, a glowing Bat-Sign on the fin and was required to be of the correct standards to pass an inspection from the U.S coast guard.

I have to admit that I have little information regarding the Bat-Boat other than this, please contact me if your able to fill me in on any further details, many thanks!