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Dr. Cassandra

Ida Lupino as Dr. Cassandra“World famous alchemist, occult science¬†practitioner, and all-around evil-doing swinger.”

Cassandra Spellcraft came from a long line of failed female alchemists. She was determined to do what her fore-mothers couldn’t, and become a success in alchemy. But she ended up following in their footsteps, outsmarted by Batman!

Ida Lupino

Date of birth (location)
4 February 1914
London, England, UK

Date of death (details)
3 August 1995
Los Angeles, California, USA. (died of a stroke while battling colon cancer)


Cabala, Dr. Cassandra’s husband (or an aid in crime) was really Ida Lupino’s husband is real life, well for a while they got divorced (1951-1984) and had one child, called Bridget Duff.

The producers ran over budget for this episode #119 (Dr. Cassandra only appeared in one episode), they couldn’t afford to take the two days necessary to block and shoot the fight scenes, so instead they shot the fight scene in the dark with the “POWS ZAPS” over darkness!

Ida was born in London to a showbusiness family.

Screenshots from Episode #119

Screenshots from Episode #119