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King Tut

Victor Buono as King Tut

When Professor William MacElroy of Egyptology at the Yale University gets a bump on the head, it activates his double personality as King Tut. In the episode “King Tut’s Coup” we learn that William wears a hard bowler hat to prevent his head being bumped, but when he took it off unfortunately a plant pot gets knocked off a window ledge and hits his head. King Tut believes that he is the rightful owner of Gotham City and wants it for his own.

King Tut was the most frequent villain in the show outside the top four (Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler and Joker), appearing in all three seasons with eight episodes in total.


King Tut played by Victor Buono Victor Buono in 1966

Victor Buono

Date of birth
3 February 1938
California, USA

Date of death
1 January 1982
California, USA. (heart attack)

Victor Buono: “Batman allowed me to do what actors are taught never to do, overact”

Lee Meriwether (Gets kidnapped by King Tut as Lisa Carson): “Victor was wonderful. Victor said to me one day on the set that he knew that he would not live past 32. That was one thing I remember about our conversations -well, that and Shakespeare. He was so talented; he was very gifted. But I don’t think he ever really thought that anyone ever would believe the talent that he knew he had. He was having a lot of fun on the show!”

King Tut managed to steal the Batmobile in his first appearance.
King Tut managed to steal the Batmobile in his first appearance.
Tut's own vehicle
Tut’s own vehicle

Molls, thugs and accomplices

In order of appearance:

  • Queen Nefertiti – Moll
  • Scrivener – Thug
  • Grand Viser – Thug
  • Suleiman – Thug
  • Florence – Moll
  • Neila Goddess of the Nile – Moll
  • Royal Jester – Thug
  • Lord Chancellor – Thug
  • Siris – Thug
  • Nubis – Thug