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Ma Parker

Shelley Winters as Ma Parker

Ma Parker is the leader of criminal family gang, she loves her four boys more than her daughter (seen on left of above picture).

Shelley Winters

Date of Birth & Location: 18 August 1920 (USA).

Date of Death & Location: 14 January 2006 (USA).

Batman and Robin capture one by one each member of Ma Parker’s gang and including herself easily, and takes them to the State Pen. But it was a trick Ma Parker had been changing prison guards for members of her mob and now she’s got control of the prison! While the dynamic duo leave the state pen one of Ma Parker’s mob put dynamite in the engine and when the speedometer hits 60 the batmobile will blow up! Batman finds the bomb and gets rid of it in time!!!! Next Ma Parker robs a bank but Batman finds a clue prison clothes. The dynamic duo race to the prison but gets caught, and tied to an electric chair but they escape again when Batman contacts Alfred who cuts the power then WHAM SMACK SMASH POW! Ma Parker and the mob gets apprehended!
Watch for Milton Berle as Lefty on the bat-climb, and Catwoman in Ma Parker’s prison conference in episode #44!

Ma Parker is a much stronger series villain than Bookworm, Archer or Minstrel!


Julie Newmar’s Catwoman makes a cameo appearance in #44.