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Nora Clavicle

Barbara Rush as Nora Clavicle

Nora Clavicle plans to destroy Gotham City so she can collect on the insurance policy she had taken out on it.

Mayor Linseed arrives at a testimonial banquet for Commissioner Gordon and, under pressure from his wife, promptly replaces Gordon with Nora Clavicle (Barbara Rush), a women’s rights advocate. Clavicle dumps chief O’Hara, as well as Batman and turns the department into a women-only force. But Nora is up to no good as her girls later heist the Gotham City National Bank. Batman, Robin and Batgirl are tied into a Siamese human knot; the slightest move and they crush each other. Nora and her henchwomen unleash crates of explosive mechanical mice on Gotham.

Watch out for the Siamese human knot!!

Gotham City Policewoman

Barbara Rush

Date of Birth & Location : 4 January 1927 (USA).

Nora Clavicle