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Olga: Queen Of The Cossacks

Olga is Queen of the Bessarovian cossacks. Making all her appearances alongside Egghead in the third season for episodes # 102 “The Ogg And I”, #103 “How To Hatch A Dinosaur” and #109 “The Ogg Couple”. Olga agreed to marry Egghead providing he was able to give a significant dowry – which of corse he intended to raise through crime.

Olga was played by Anne Baxter – yes the same Anne Baxter who starred as Zelda the Great in the first season.

Anne Baxter: “The set for Olga was absolutely crazy. The costuming alone was hysterical, like reaching into your old dressing-up box as a kid. That red wig–they kept putting nice quiet reds on me, and I said, ‘No, no, no. We wanted red'”.

Anne Baxter: “I had a Russian friend, and I was supposed to swear at my platoon of Cossacks, so I said ‘How do I say, “Stand still” and military things?’ I wrote them down phonetically, and when I rattled them off, they came to me and said, ‘They sound like swear words.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute; I’m doing Russian,’ but it sounded like ‘S.O.B.’ However, she [Olga] does spout Russian.”

Season three accomplice and fiancee Olga with Egghead.


Olga Used to be a dishwasher at a Bessarovian restaurant

The episodes Olga starred in (are listed at the top of the page) were originally supposed to be a three parter, but the producers split up the episodes to have a two parter, #102 & #103 then show the ending as #109, I say ending but when they split up the shows #103 was not a join onto #109 the story started as Olga and Egghead return to Gotham.