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Shame is a cowboy villain, played by Cliff Robertson. Something from a western. He seems to always have a a “thing” for vehicles, in season two he stole cars, and in season three he robbed a train.

The Shame character was developed by Stanley Ralph Ross, one of the shows writers. In his third season caper, he was aided by Calamity Jan, who was actually played by Cliff’s real life wife Dina Merrill.

Cliff Robertson

Cliff: “I Think I do remember the producers making several phone calls ahead of time, saying, ‘ What kind of character would you like to play? ‘ I said it might be fun to play a very, very, very dumb cowboy, who took himself very, very seriously. Then they decided to do a takeoff of Shane. That is how they came up with the name Shame. I recall they kind of let me pick my own costume, and I did a lot of my own stunts.”