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The Minstrel

The Minstrel, a lute-playing electronics genius, certainly on of the most smartest villains featured on the series. He claims to have more electronic knowledge than anyone in the world, which he used to crash the stock market and hold the wealthiest in Gotham to ransom. As music is a form of electronic energy, he is also a master musician – over the electronic airwaves broadcasting from his lair the demands he has – often in a sinisterly poetic way. The Minstrel hated physical violence so stood down from all the bat-fights. After his arrest by the dynamic duo, he threatened he would return and take revenge however, he ended up being a one time only villain in the series.

Minstrel’s lyrical threat;
“Wait until the jailbreak Batman, you’ve not seen the last of me!
I’ll clobber you and Robin, wait and see.
You will vibrate both together, I’ll shake off your heads.
Oh just you wait until the jailbreak Batman, you’ll be dead!”

Van Johnson

Johnson was exempt from fighting in world war two due to a car accident.

He was best known for his productions with MGM – in particular the very popular movie of the time ‘The Human Comedy’ in 1943.

His career in the 1960s & 70’s was mainly stage work.

Van Johnson appeared to live a life of personal struggles – particularly with his homosexuality. The women who he married and divorced after around 20 years, Eve Abbott, went on record with a statement shortly after Van’s passing in 2008 that MGM had put together there marriage to hide his sexuality, as unfortunately at the time was seen as bad publicity.