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The Puzzler

The Puzzler, sends challenging puzzles to the dynamic duo in order to outwit them. I have to say that in my personal opinion, the Puzzler episodes were not the best. The story arc was simple, Puzzler tries to gain the trust of wealthy Gothamites only to stun them with gas during the presentation of a supersonic aircraft. The Puzzler himself, I have always felt is a very bland character with not much charisma – which in the light of the series as whole which is loud, fun and colourful – makes the Puzzler look very dim and boring! But again folks, this is just my opinion!

Maurice Evans

The Puzzler was portrayed by the well known actor Maurice Evans (if you want to know more, click for his Wikipedia entry).

Alan Napier – “American’s call him Maurice Evans, ‘Maurice’ but in England we call him ‘Morris.’ His costume was marvelous; it made him look like an old aunty. I played with Maurice about sixty years ago at the Old Vic in Richard II, in which he really made his name.”


The Puzzler episodes (#65/#66) were originally called “A Penny for your Riddles/They’re Worth a Lot More.” The script was made for the Riddler, but when Frank Gorshin no longer wanted to play the part, the writers changed it into a Puzzler story.