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The Sandman

Michael Rennie as The SandmanSandman is a notorious European criminal mastermind.

Catwoman and Euro-crook Sandman, disguised as Dr. Samnambula, plot to relieve billionaire noodle queen J. Pauline Spaghetti of some of her wealth. Sandman puts Robin into a trance, pushing a button that brings the needle of giant button stitching machine down on Batman, tied to a mattress. Sandman is a weak villain even with the help from Julie Newmar’s Catwoman!

Michael Rennie

Date of Birth & Location: 25 August 1909 (UK).

Date of Death & Location: 9 September 1997 (UK).


Episode #68 has two titles, the original being “A Stitch In Time” but this was changed to “The Catwoman Goeth” to include Catwoman in the storyline.