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The Siren

Joan Collins as The Siren Joan Collins as The Siren

A deadly super villainess who is able to put any man under her spell by singing a note of three octaves above high C. In the series she was able to get Commissioner Gordon to sneak into the batcave via the boot of the Batmobile, then entranced Bruce Wayne to sign over all his fortunes to her and even made Chief O’Hara jump into Gotham lake.

When she almost fell off the top of Wayne Headquarters building (pictured above), Robin promised to pull her up only if she sang an antidote note to release all those still under her spell. She did so causing her to lose her voice for good.

She appeared in two episodes during the third season, including a team up with the Riddler during her first episode. The Siren’s other associates/thugs were Allegro and Andante who had to keep putting on earmuffs/headphones to block out Siren’s entrancing note. Her only lair was the “underground grotto”.

Before being the Siren, she was simply Lorelei Circe a world famous singer and musician (played the harp) but unfortunately decided to use her voice to pursue a life of crime.


Joan Collins

The Siren was played by famous English actress Joan Collins, she was one of the biggest stars to play a role in Batman. She is most remembered for being Alexis Colby in the long running television series ‘Dynasty’ for 10 ten years (1981-1991). In her biography she describes herself as politically conservative minded and admires British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990).


The introduction of the Siren in episode 96 “Ring Around The Riddler” was an attempt to shorten the gap between each episode (#96 & #97) when the show was only broadcasted once a week in the third series.

Joan Collins The Siren playing the harp Lorelei Circe aka Siren played by Joan Collins