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Zelda The Great


Anne Baxter

Date of Birth & Location: 7 May 1923 (USA).

Date Of Death & Location: 12 December 1985 (USA).


1. Anne Baxter also played Olga: Queen Of The Cossacks alongside Vincent Price’s Egghead in the third season.

Every April Fool’s Day, a mysterious thief robs one of Gotham City’s banks of exactly $100,000. Unknown to the authorities, the culprit is Zelda The Great, a world-famous magician and escape artist who uses her takings to pay Eivol Ekdal, an Albanian mastermind who devises each of her escape devices. Hoping to trap the crook this year, Batman plants a story in a newspaper which claims that the stolen money was counterfeit. After reading the article, Ekdal refuses to give Zelda his latest device, the Inescapable Death-Trap, until he is paid, and he sends Zelda to steal a rare gem on display in a local jewellery store – unaware that this is another fake story planted by Batman…

Holy Hostages! With Aunt Harriet held prisoner in Zelda’s clutches, Bruce Wayne, Robin and Commissioner Gordon deliver the ransom money through live television, and convince the villain that the money she stole from the bank was in fact real. Aunt Harriet is safely returned, along with a clue in her pocket: a matchbook advertising Ekdal’s Gnome Bookstore. Unaware that this is a ruse to draw them into a trap, Batman and Robin head off to the bookstore, only to become trapped in Ekdal’s Inescapable Doom Trap – a transparent cage made out of Jet Age plastics that rapidly begins filling with poison gas.