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A tribute to the classic 66-68 Batman TV series & movie

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Emmy AwardBatman was nominated for three Emmy awards in 1966.

“Individual Achievements in Sound Editing”

  • Dick Le Gran
  • Ralph Hickey
  • Ross Taylor
  • Harold Wooley

“Outstanding Comedy Series”

  • Howie Horwitz (producer)

“Outstanding Performance By An Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy”

  • Frank Gorshin (Riddler)
Batman cast at TV Land Awards

The series has been featured more recently in the TV Land Awards.

Year 2004
WON: “Favourite Crimestopper Duo” (Adam West & Burt Ward)

Year 2005
WON: “Favourite Crimestopper” (Adam West & Burt Ward)

Year 2006
WON: “Anniversary Award” – For the show’s 40th Anniversary
Nominated: “Greatest TV Dance Craze” (The Batusi)

Year 2008
Nominated: “Greatest Gadget” (Utility Belt)

Batman: The Movie

The 1966 Batman Movie also received an award. In 1972 the movie WON the “Golden Gryphon” award! The director Leslie Martinson was awarded the prize.