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Season Three (1967-1968)

Season Overview

This was to be the final season of the series. When originally broadcast it was cut down to one episode per week thus meant some storylines become single episode entities (see the history page for reasons why). Batgirl comes onto the scene for all 26 episodes, turning the dynamic duo into the triumphant trio. Aunt Harriet only seen twice in ‘Ring Around the Riddler’ and ‘The Bloody Tower’. In the final episode we see William Dozier make a cameo appearance, playing the part of a millionaire. Frank Gorshin returns as the Riddler for a single episode. Eartha Kitt takes over as Catwoman, which is actually a highlight for me, the character returned to being in my opinion a ruthless villain rather than wanting to get a kiss off Batman. The budget was cut heavily which resulted in bad production quality in some areas – most notably the villain lairs – black backdrops and a few props in some episodes, most notably ‘The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra’. As episodes were once a week, there was no ‘Tomorrow Night, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel’. There are Bat-Traps in some episodes, usually near the middle of the caper. Most notably the infamous ‘Siamese Human Knott’ appears in what I believe to be a controversial episode for the series, view my Nora Clavicle webpage to see the reasons why. This season is generally loved or loathed by bat-fans, me personally I like it, as I enjoyed Yvonne Craigs portrayal of Batgirl – I do wish she was given more of the spotlight though to give more depth to the character. As already mentioned Eartha’s portrayed of Catwoman is another highlight for me. We have the third and last three-part storyline, where our heroes venture out to Londinium – unfortunately the story is amongst one of the poorest in the whole series in my opinion.

Salary rates for the third season

All salaries are for each half hour episode:

  • Adam West – $2,250
  • Burt Ward – $450
  • Yvonne Craig – $1,500
  • Any guest villain – $2,000
  • Alan Napier – $650
  • Neil Hamilton – $750
  • Stafford Repp – $750

Episode Guide

Episode #95 Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin 1701 14 Sep 67

Penguin schemes to marry Barbara Gordon in order to become Commissioner Gordon’s son-in-law and thereby exempt from the law. But the commissioner’s daughter turns out to be a third secret crime-fighter called Batgirl and only Alfred knows her true identity.

Guest Stars: Yvonne Craig, Burgess Meredith

Episode #96 Ring Around The Riddler 1707 21 Sep 67

Riddler, scheming to take over the fight game in Gotham City, poses as a prizefighter and challenges Batman. The evil Siren is on hand to assist.

Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin, Joan Collins

Episode #97 The Wail of The Siren 1708 28 Sep 67

Siren gets Commissioner Gordon under her spell and then goes after Bruce Wayne, whom she directs to give her the Wayne family fortune and jump from a skyscraper. Her hope is that Batman will come to Bruce’s rescue, so she can enslave him and discover his secret identity.

Guest Stars: Joan Collins

Episode #98 The Sport of Penguins Part 1 1703-Pt. 1 5 Oct 67

The Penguin teams up with newly-broke racehorse owner Lola Lasagne to rig the outcome of the Wayne Handicap race. They try to close a deal with a glue-factory owner to swap one of his broken-down nags for Lola’s magnificent horse Parasol. Batman and Robin leap in through the window, but Penguin, calling out his hidden henchmen, tells Lola to take the horse and waddles after her. Batgirl, arriving in the nick of time, lassos Penguin and secures him while she joins her fellow crime-fighters. To her dismay, Penguin cuts the lasso and escapes, and brushes paste all over the Batmobile, so when Batman and Robin leap into it, they’re literally glued to their seats!

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Ethel Merman

Episode #99 A Horse of Another Color Part 2 1703-Pt. 2 12 Oct 67

Needing money to bet on the Wayne Handicap, Penguin steals the priceless folio of famous parasols from the Gotham City Library and is promptly tricked by Batman into returning it. Later, the Racing Secretary tells Bruce that all the horses, except Parasol have been “scratched” because of Penguin’s devious means, and there is a new entry, Bumbershoot, now in his office with his jockey. Guessing that the jockey is Penguin, Bruce tells the Secretary he will enter his horse, Waynebeau, with Batgirl as jockey and with Dick riding Parasol!

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Ethel Merman

Episode #100 The Unkindest Tut Of All 6 1709 19 Oct 67

King Tut has seemingly gone straight and is predicting robberies before they happen. The Gotham lawmen agree that Tut must be up to no good, but when Batman and Robin investigate, they can find no evidence of wrongdoing. Tut warns them the Soccer Stadium will be robbed. He’s told his hoods to let the Dynamic Duo capture them while he plants a ‘bug’ on the Batmobile, which traces the Caped Crusaders to Wayne Manor!

Guest Stars: Victor Buono, Patti Gilbert

Episode #101 Louie, The Lilac 1710 26 Oct 67

Louie plots to control the minds of Gotham’s flower children. Robin is subdued after sniffing Louie’s alba vulgaria poison lilac and Batman is vanquished by a vase. The Dynamic Duo is then left in Louie’s Hot House to be devoured by a giant Brazilian man-eating lilac.

Guest Stars: Milton Berle

Episode #102 The Ogg And I 1705-Pt. 1 2 Nov 67

Egghead and Olga, Queen of the Cossacks, kidnap Commissioner Gordon for a ransom of a ten-cent tax on every egg consumed in Gotham City. The Cossacks steal the Brass Samovar of Ganghis Khan while Egghead goes around collecting his egg tax. Batman and Robin are hidden inside the samovar, but Olga is wise to their trick and gasses them. She decides to marry Batman and have Robin and Gordon turned into borscht! Alfred and Batgirl rush to the rescue and free Batman and Robin. Egghead blinds the crimefighters by breaking onion-infused eggs at their feet, and he disappears with Olga, the Cossacks, and the treasure.

Guest Stars: Vincent Price, Anne Baxter, Alan Hale

Episode #103 How To Hatch A Dinosaur 1705-Pt. 2 9 Nov 67

Egghead, Olga, and the Cossacks steal two pounds of radium so they can hatch a 40-million-year-old Neosaurus egg and take over Gotham City. Batman and Robin, in the Batmobile, use their radiation detector to guide them to where Egghead’s conducting his nefarious operation. Simultaneously, Batgirl on the Batcycle uses a Geiger Counter to guide her to the same spot; she and the Dynamic Duo meet nose-on. Robin and Batgirl are soon mincing the Cossacks but Egghead unscrupulously seizes Batgirl, holding a scimitar at her throat. Suddenly the egg cracks!

Guest Stars: Vincent Price, Anne Baxter

Episode #104 Surfs Up! Joker’s Under! 1714 16 Nov 67

Joker kidnaps champion surfer (and Barbara Gordon’s boyfriend) Skip Parker in order to steal his surfing abilities through a Transferometer and Vigor Reverser. Meanwhile Batman and Robin, consulting the Batcomputer, learn the location of the Joker’s hideout. When they crash in through a window, the Joker instructs his stooges to make surfboards out of them and then leaves for Gotham Point and the World Surfing Championships!

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Johnny Green and the Greenmen

Episode #105 The Londinium Larcenies Part 1 1711-Pt. 1 23 Nov 67

After lifting the Queen’s priceless collection of snuffboxes from a Londinium museum, Lord Marmaduk Ffogg and his sister, Lady Penelope Peasoup, escape unnoticed in thick fog which he creates with his large meerschaum pipe. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl are asked to help solve the robberies. Lord Ffogg, unruffled when he learns of Batman’s arrival, swears he will steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of Londinium. Lady Peasoup and Ffogg, who run a girl’s finishing school at the estate, hear of Batman’s visit. As the visitors leave, Batman and Robin, in the Batmobile, are stopped and set upon by Ffogg’s villainous servants disguised as Londinium hoods. The Duo are barely holding their own when Batgirl arrives to help. Batman and Robin, who’ve recognized three of the hoods, return to the Batcave where a choking fog bomb goes off, placed by, of all people, the Butler.

Guest Stars: Rudy Vallee, Glynis Johns

Episode #106 The Foggiest Notion Part 2 1711-Pt. 2 30 Nov 67

After dissipating the deathly Lord Ffogg-made fog with the Batextinguisher, Batman and Robin voice their suspicions of his Lordship and his sister, Lady Peasoup, to Supertinendent Watson and Commissioner Gordon. While Barbara sets off to the estate, Batman and Robin receive a clue that leads them to “The Three Bells” pub near the docks. Batman is overpowered in the pub while Robin escapes. Batgirl and Alfred find the stolen loot at the estate’s Cricket Pavilion. Lady Prudence paralyzes her with deadly gas and Ffogg tries to erase Batman’s memory, which is restored by Alfred. Meanwhile Robin, taken to the Tower of Londinium, is lashed to a giant winch opens and closes the bridge for river traffic. Batman uses the Anti-Mechanical Bat-ray to stop the winch, frees Robin, then battles Ffogg and his men. Just when they’re ready to nab Lord Ffogg, he lights his pipe and escapes in a cloud of fog.

Guest Stars: Rudy Vallee, Glynis Johns

Episode #107 The Bloody Tower Part 3 1711-Pt. 3 7 Dec 67

Battling their way out of Lord Flogg’s fog in the Londinium Tower, Batman and Alfred, in a cab, and Robin in the Batmobile, head for Ffogg’s estate to rescue Batgirl. Ffogg and Lady Peasoup, discovering their lethal fog pellets are too stale to finish off Batgirl, go for a fresh supply and learn that Batman has entered the grounds. At the dungeon, Ffogg pushes Batman down the steps and throws the fresh gas pellets after him. Robin, meanwhile, has been bitten by a deadly bee, and Lady Peasoup instructs Prudence to take him to the girl’s dorm to die while they all go to the Tower of Londinium. Dispersing the lethal fog with Anti-Lethal Fog Batspray, Batman files away at Batgirl’s chains, and Ffogg, realizing he’s pressed for time, makes final plans for escape to Argentuela in a private plane.

Guest Stars: Rudy Vallee, Glynis Johns

Episode #108 Catwoman’s Dressed to Kill 1717 14 Dec 67

Catwoman disrupts a luncheon honoring Gotham’s ten best-dressed women by detonating a Hair-Raising Bomb to frazzle the hairdos of all the ladies there. She tries to steal some Gernreich dresses from the fashion show. She eludes Batman and Robin, capturing Batgirl and imprisoning her in the Cat-lair. She phones Batman later to tell him she’s set a power pattern-cutting machine to cut Batgirl into a pattern of herself. He, meanwhile, has deduced Catwoman’s next goal will be the priceless Golden Fleece, and his frightful problem now is to choose between rescuing Batgirl, at one side of town, or saving the Golden Fleece, at exactly the opposite side.

Guest Star: Eartha Kitt

Episode #109 The Ogg Couple 1705-Pt. 3 21 Dec 67

The terrible team of Egghead and Olga, Queen of Cossacks, steals the golden Egg of Ogg and the Silver Scimitar of Toras Bulbul. Next, they plan a raid that will fool them all – 500 pounds of condensed caviar from a bank vault! The caper goes awry and Egghead begs for Batgirl’s mercy, only to lead her into a trap. Olga trips Batgirl up with caviar and sabers and then tosses her into a giant ice kettle just as Batman and Robin arrive.

Guest Stars: Vincent Price, Anne Baxter

Episode #110 Funny Feline Felonies Part 1 1715-Pt. 1 28 Dec 67

Joker is paroled and teams up with Catwoman to steal a million pounds of dynamite, blow a hole in the Federal Depository, and haul out the money. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl race to unravel clues and beat the Dastardly Duo at their deadly game, only to be paralyzed by the Joker’s Joker-buzzer. Batgirl figures out that one of the clues leads to mod clothier Karnaby Katz, but too late! He’s already been robbed of his antiqye crib. Batman and Robin wonder how the villains could have disappeared so quickly. Actually they are hidden among the bushes outside the house, ready to pounce.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Eartha Kitt

Episode #111 The Joke’s On Catwoman Part 2 1715-Pt. 2 4 Jan 68

Batman drives off in the Batmobile. Joker and Catwoman, lurking near, catch Batgirl and tie her up with patented Cat Whiskers rope which contracts when exposed to body warmth. She escapes and figures out that the next clue leads to Phoney Island. Phoney Island, Catwoman and company head into a lighthouse only to be met by Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. As the Joker stumbles on the cache of gunpowder, he hastily lights a match to examine. Batman shouts, he drops the match, and Batman tells everyone to remain calm just as they hear a huge BABOOOOOM!

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Eartha Kitt, Pierre Salinger

Episode #112 Louie’s Lethal Lilac Time 1718 11 Jan 68

Louie the Lilac’s gang kidnap Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson for a hefty ransom. When Batgirl comes to the rescue, she is thrown into a huge vat which will be filled with boiling oil. Can the Instant Unfolding Batcostumes with Utility Belts save the Terrific Trio?

Guest Stars: Milton Berle

Episode #113 Nora Clavicle And The Ladies’ Crime Club 1719 18 Jan 68

Under pressure from his wife, Mayor Linseed replaces Commissioner Gordon with women’s-rights advocate Nora Clavicle. She promptly fires all Gotham’s lawmen (including Batman) and creates an all-female police department, which turns out to be the perfect way to pull off a string of bank robberies. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl find Nora’s hideout, a knitting company warehouse. Admitting that she plans to destroy Gotham City so she can collect on an insurance policy she’s taken out on it, she orders her girls to tie the three crime fighters into a Terrific Siamese Human Knot. Leaving the three completely immobilized and in danger of crushing each other with the slightest move, Nora takes the girls outside where they unload crate after crate of mechanical mice, all loaded with explosives and set to go off at sunset.

Guest Stars: Barbara Rush

Episode #114 Penguin’s Clean Sweep 1721 25 Jan 68

Penguin has infected a bin full of money with deadly Lygerian Sleeping Sickness Germs and a parcel of it has already gone out to the National Bank. He then immunizes himself and his crew against the disease, destroying the rest of the vaccine so that nobody else can be innoculated. The city has to be alerted of the danger, and warnings are broadcast not to touch any money. Thus, when Penguin decides to buy a country to put a house in for Miss Clean, he finds his money is no good. Penguin threatens to release disease-carrying fruit flies unless the world will accept his money.

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith

Episode #115 The Great Escape Part 1 1723-Pt. 1 1 Feb 68

Shame escapes from prison, thanks to Calamity Jan, Frontier Fanny, and a 300-horsepower Sherman tank. The Terrific Trio deciphers a coded note and figures out that the robbers are planning on hitting the Gotham Opera House during “Girl of the Golden West” that night. Shame, Jan, and Fanny grab the loot and spray Batman and Robin with Fear Gas, kidnapping Batgirl along the way. Shame, back at the stable, is making elaborate plans. A horseshoe hanging over the door knocks Fanny out and when Batman and Robin, who’ve guessed Shame would be hiding out in the stable, arrive, they find Fanny. She warns them that should anything happen to her, Batgirl’s chances of living out the night are slim.

Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson, Dina Merrill, Barry Dennen, Jerry Mathers

Episode #116 The Great Train Robbery Part 2 1723-Pt. 2 8 Feb 68

At the rendezvous to swap Fanny for Batgirl, Shame’s bunch take on the Duo and Batman in hand-to-hand combat at the Pavilion and then escape. Shame plans to reenact the Great Train Robbery, which Batman realizes is actually a shipment of old money on its way to the Treasury Department for destruction. Shame has sprayed the clerks and guards with Fear Gas, scooped up the money and escaped by the time Batman, Robin, and Batgirl arrive. Without a clue to Shame’s whereabouts, Batman and Robin drop Batgirl off downtown and then return to the Batcave where Batman sends off a drone skywriting rocket programmed to print a challenge for Shame to meet him in a condemned tenement district and fight it out man-to-man.

Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson, Dina Merrill, Barry Dennen

Episode #117 I’ll Be a Mummy’s Uncle 1725 22 Feb 68

King Tut lulls his psychiatrist to sleep and escapes in order to get at a vein of Nilanium, the hardest metal in the world, under Wayne Manor. The Manor itself cannot be bought, but there’s an adjacent piece of land for sale for $47,000 and he plans to buy it from Manny the Mesopotamian, and then blast a slanting shaft to the Nilanium Batman discovers that Tut’s mine shaft is directed toward the Batcave, and there’s a possibility that the Batanium Shield lining the Batcave may not withstand the blasting.

Guest Stars: Victor Buono, Henny Youngman, Angela Dorian

Episode #118 The Joker’s Flying Saucer 1720 29 Feb 68

Joker has plans, drawn up with the aid of a mad-scientist cellmate, for building a flying saucer in which he proposes to sweep across the skies, calling on the world to submit. He sends his henchmen to the Metals Research Wing of the Wayne Foundation to steal the rare light-weight beryllium stored there. Barbara changes into her Batgirl gear to race off to protect the rare metal. Batman and Robin head for the same place, but a bomb explodes, filling the Batcave with green smoke.

Guest Star: Cesar Romero

Episode #119 The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra 1722 7 Mar 68

As sorceress Dr. Cassandra tries to steal the valuable Mope Diamond from Spiffany’s Jewelry Salon, she blasts Batman, Robin, and Batgirl with her Alvino-ray gun. With a flash of psychedelic colors, the Terrific Trio are literally flattened paper-thin when the ray gun reduces them to one dimension. While Cassandra snatches the diamond, Cabala stacks up the Trio, and then slips them under Gordon’s door. Alfred instructs the police to mail the Trio to the main post office and he’ll see what he can do. While Alfred picks up his mail, Cassandra and Cabala release Catwoman, Egghead, Penguin, Riddler, Joker, and King Tut from Gotham State Prison.

Guest Stars: Ida Lupino, Howard Duff, Ellen Corby

Episode #120 Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires 1726 14 Mar 68

Minerva, glamorous owner of a mineral spa, uses her Deepest Secret Extractor on a customer to learn the combination to the Wayne Foundation vault. Batman and Robin arrive, and Minerva instructs her cohorts to pop the Duo into the a pressurizer and pressure them out of existence.

Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor, William Dozier