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Season Two (1966-1967)

Season Overview

This was the lengthiest of all three seasons – sometimes advertised as having two different parts (the initial DVD release). After the huge success of the first season, many Hollywood names lined up to appear on the show this this season featured many new guest star villains. We get two three-parter storylines around the time of the one year anniversary. Julie Newmar‘s Catwoman is featured a lot during this season – we do not get to see her for the final season. John Austin notably fills in as the Riddler. William Dozier‘s next project was The Green Hornet so naturally a crossover in episodes 85 and 86 took place to promote his new venture. It’s been cited that the Liberace episodes were the highest rated episodes of the entire series. Mr Freeze makes two appearances, its final for the whole series in the last storyline of the season.

The Episode Guide

Episode #35 Shoot a Crooked Arrow Part 1 9705-Pt. 1 7 Sep 66

The Archer and his band of baddies steal money from Bruce Wayne’s safe and give the cash to Gotham’s poor. The crooks are put away, but the poor people rally to their defense and raise their bail – leaving the Archer free to commandeer an armored car filled with $10,000,000 intended for charity. Batman and Robin are caught searching Archer’s hideout, and Archer threatens to hurt Alfred unless they tell him where the Batcave is. Batman’s quick thinking saves Alfred, but he and Robin are strung up to be run through by Archer and his men on horse back.

Guest Stars: Art Carney, Lee Delano, James O’Hara, Steve Pendleton, Loren Ewing, Barbara Nichols, Doodles Weaver, Dick Clark

Episode #36 Walk The Straight and Narrow Part 2 9705-Pt. 2 8 Sep 66

The Crusader and Boy Wonder are saved at the very last moment by their Batsprings. Archer and his cronies go to their new hideout underneath police headquarters. Archer hijacks the armored truck, but when it is recovered, nothing appears to be missing. During the money-giving ceremony, the bills are found to be counterfeit. Archer and his men prepare to flee to Switzerland as Batman and Robin give chase in the Batboat.

Guest Stars: Art Carney, James O’Hara, Sam Jaffe, Barbara Nichols, Alan Corthwaite

Episode #37 Hot Off the Griddle Part 1 9703-Pt. 1 14 Sep 66

Catwoman and her catburglars jump Batman and Robin at the Natural History Museum, shoot the Duo with twin darts, and throw them out of a 12th story window. A precautionary net catches Batman and Robin, but the Cat Pack escapes — except for one member, who points them toward the Pink Sand Box Club. They manage to elude Catwoman’s fiendish hot metal chamber trap, but are knocked out by a Catatonic blast of steam. When the duo awake they are stretched out on greased aluminum in the midday sun, with giant magnifying glasses aimed at their heads.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, George Barrows, Charles Hovath, Buck Kartalian, Jack Kelly, James Brolin, David Fresco, George Niese, Edy Williams

Episode #38 The Cat and The Fiddle Part 2 9703-Pt. 2 15 Sep 66

A welcome solar eclipse gives Batman and Robin the needed precious seconds to readjust the magnifying glasses with their feet burning away their shackles. Batman and Robin discover Catwoman is now masquerading as rich old Minerva Matthews. “Minerva” tries to purloin two catgut-strung Stradivarius violins from Zubin Zucchini, but “Zubin” turns out to be Robin in disguise. Batman and Robin try to coax Catwoman in from the ledge where she has taken refuge. Will this Cat land on her feet?

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, George Barrows, Charles Hovath, Buck Kartalian, Jack Kelly, James Brolin, David Fresco, George Niese, Edy Williams

Episode #39 The Minstrel’s Shakedown Part 1 9713-Pt. 1 21 Sep 66

Minstrel, a lute-playing evil electronics genius, throws the Gotham Stock Exchange’s computerized stock quotations into chaos. He demands $1000 per week per exchange member in lieu of sending the market into utter pandemonium. The Dynamic Duo uses the Batdrone to find Minstrel’s hideout, but are captured as they confront him. The Melodic Fiend hoists the Peerless Pair up on a spit over a radar grill to be roasted as he plays “Rockabye Batman.”

Guest Stars: Van Johnson, Phyllis Diller

Episode #40 Barbecued Batman? Part 2 9713-Pt. 2 22 Sep 66

Happily, three adhesive Batbombs distract Minstrel’s gang long enough for the Duo to escape. Batman manages to capture Amanda, one of Minstrel’s goons, and bug her purse before letting her go. Thus, Batman and Robin discover that he plans to topple the Exchange unless his plan is accepted within an hour. As the members of the Exchange gather in the conference room, they fail to notice that the caterers are really Minstrel’s henchmen…and that the fiend himself is in their midst, disguised as one of them!

Guest Stars: Van Johnson

Episode #41 The Spell of Tut Part 1 9709-Pt. 1 28 Sep 66

For some mysterious purpose, King Tut is attempting to revive a handful of ancient scarab beetles. Batman discovers that distilled essence of scarab lymph creates a deadly potion, known to Tut as abu raubu simbu tu, capable of paralyzing the human will. Batman, as Bruce Wayne, next acquires Tut’s Sphinx and plants Robin inside, hoping that Tut will take the bait. Tut’s men steal the Sphinx but discover Robin inside. Batman follows his Batgeiger signals in the Batmobile to Robin’s rescue. Tut, meanwhile, has precariously suspended the Boy Wonder over a pit of crocodiles!

Guest Stars: Victor Buono

Episode #42 Tut’s Case is Shut Part 2 9709-Pt. 2 29 Sep 66

Batman swings in on his Batrope and rescues Robin just in time. Robin explains that Gordon’s temporary secretary, buxom Miss Cleo Patrick, is really working for Tut and plans to slip the dope the police with scarab extract. The duo are alerted that the Sphinx has reappeared in Jefferson Square Park. Rendezvousing there, Gordon, who is now also under Tut’s spell, slips Batman a scarab mickey, and as a Tutling abducts Robin, Batman follows docilely. But once at the green-house hideout, Batman snaps out of his feigned trance – his stomach was protectively coated with buttermilk – and, with Robin at his side, subdues the Tutlings.

Guest Stars: Victor Buono, Van “Green Hornet” Williams, Bruce “Kato” Lee

Episode #43 Greatest Mother of Them All Part 1 9707-Pt. 1 5 Oct 66

Infamous Ma Parker and her four fiendish children raid Gotham’s Ladies Auxiliary’s Mother of the Year Awards, but are captured and sent to the pen. Batman and Robin depart the prison, leaving Warden Crichton to deal with them. As they leave, a Trusty, who has been nosing suspiciously in the Batmobile engine, bets the Dynamic Duo that they can’t reach 100 mph on the rood back to town. In the prison, meanwhile, the Parker gang captures Crichton and takes over. As for Batman and Robin, says Ma to Crichton, the Batmobile is rigged to blow up at 60 mph. The Batmobile is at this very moment reaching sixty!

Guest Stars: Shelly Winters, Julie Newmar (cameo), Milton Berle

Episode #44 Ma Parker Part 2 9707-Pt. 2 6 Oct 66

Batman, suspecting foul play, stops the car, finds the bomb in the engine, and tosses it into a field where it explodes. Then he and Robin rush back to the prison, but Crichton, covered by Ma and her men, assures the Dynamic Duo that everything is in order. The gang pulls an armored-car heist and the Dynamic Duo rush to the scene, but the crooks throw money into the street and escape in the crush of greedy onlookers. Batman has torn away a gang member’s sleeve recognizes it as prison garb. He telephones Crichton who blurts out that Ma has taken over the prison. Batman and Robin break into the pen only to be captured by Ma’s men and strapped into twin electric chairs.

Guest Stars: Shelly Winters

Episode #45 The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes Part 1 9711-Pt. 1 12 Oct 66

Evil Clock King and his gang of Second Hands rob a jewelry shop and then invade a Pop Art opening at the Parkhurst Gallery. Batman and Robin view this on their Batmobile TV and rush to Parkhurst’s just in time to interrupt the King’s attempted theft, but the crooks escape in a barrage of flying watch springs. Batman is able to trace the fiend to the deserted quarters of Tick Tock Synthetic Rubies, Inc.. But the gang jumps the Dynamic Duo as they enter, and Clock King has the pair stashed in the lower half of a giant hourglass, ready to buried in the pile of sand that has begun to sift down from the top!

Guest Stars: Walter Slezak, Sammy Davis, Jr.

Episode #46 The Clock King Gets Crowned Part 2 9711-Pt. 2 13 Oct 66

Batman and Robin topple and smash the hourglass to escape their awful fate. Meanwhile, Aunt Harriet is shopping for a clock for Bruce’s birthday, not knowing that Clock King has planted one of his special devices for her to buy. Unfortunately, the clock Harriet buys contains the Automatic Energy Directional Control Switch, and the gang must retrieve it from Wayne Manor. Bruce, Dick, and Aunt Harriet fight the rascals off. Batman and Robin figure that the gang plans to hijack a $1,000,000 cesium clock being flown in by helicopter at five o’clock.

Guest Stars: Walter Slezak

Episode #47 An Egg Grows In Gotham Part 1 9717-Pt. 1 19 Oct 66

Egghead and his yeggs plan to get control of Gotham City by stealing its ownership from Chief Screaming Chicken, the last of the Mohicans. Batman and Robin trace Egghead to the Ghoti Oeufs Caviar Company. After a crushing battle, Egghead throws in a laughing gas eggrenade that doubles up the Dynamic Duo while he escapes. Then, on the way to the ceremony, Egghead abducts Savage, Tyler, Bruce Wayne, and Dick Grayson, and takes them to his hideout where he attaches the Electro-Thought Transferrer to Bruce Wayne, suspecting him to be Batman.

Guest Stars: Vincent Price

Episode #48 The Yegg Foes In Gotham 9717-Pt. 2 20 Oct 66

Bruce, Dick, Savage, and Tyler escape the bomb’s sensitive field by hoisting themselves to the door on a pipe. But in the meantime, the city’s ownership has reverted to Screaming Chicken and thereby to Egghead, who in turn fires all city officials and opens the metropolis to the underworld. Screaming Chicken, now sorry for collaborating with Egghead, explains that Egghead and his yeggs are stocking up on supplies for an eggscape to Venezuela. Batman and Robin deduce that Old MacDonald’s chicken farm is the only one with enough Grade AAA eggs to satisfy Egghead’s needs.

Guest Stars: Vincent Price, Burt Mustin, Bill “Jose Jimenez” Dana

Episode #49 The Devil’s Fingers Part 1 9721-Pt. 1 26 Oct 66

The Liberace-like Chandell courts Aunt Harriet at Wayne Manor, only to be robbed of his jewels by three bagpipe-toting babes. But Chandell turns out to be a master criminal who planned the Wayne Manor robbery to confuse the law while he makes his move on Harriet Later, Batman and Robin pop into Chandell’s dressing room and find him recovering from a self-inflicted blow that he blames on his twin brother (and accomplice) Harry. The Peerless Pair bound in on Harry, but the crook’s Three Piano Movers jump Batman and Robin and tie them to the conveyor belt that feeds the music roll cutter!

Guest Stars: Liberace

Episode #50 The Dead Ringers Part 2 9721-Pt. 2 27 Oct 66

Batman and Robin rout the Piano Movers and capture Harry, who explains that a criminal named Fingers is behind it all. Then Harry’s lawyer, Mr. SIye, springs him on a technicality. Batman figures that Fingers is Chandell and that Harry is blackmailing his brother. Furthermore, they figure, Chandell plans to knock off Bruce and Dick and then marry Harriet for the inheritance. Batman and Robin dash home to feign a sudden and explosive darkroom death for Bruce and Dick.

Guest Stars: Liberace

Episode #51 Hizzonner the Penguin Part 1 9719-Pt. 1 2 Nov 66

Suspiciously endearing himself to the citizens of Gotham by foiling a robbery, saving a runaway baby carriage and donating money to charity, the Penguin announces he is running for mayor of Gotham City. His support is so overwhelming that Batman decides he must enter the race. At a scheduled appearance before the Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks (G.O.O.N.), the dynamic duo are captured and suspended over a vat of sulfuric acid.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Little Egypt, Paul Revere and the Raiders

Episode #52 Dizzoner The Penguin Part 2 9719-Pt. 2 3 Nov 66

Batman tumbles into the vat of acid, but luckily Alfred has fashioned his suit of acid-proof fabric. As his bonds dissolve, he rescues Robin and they head to a TV debate showdown with Penguin. A special bulletin tells viewers that the loot for an upcoming jewelers’ convention is being ransacked by criminals at the Gotham Convention Hall. Batman and Penguin rush down to see which is the better man, and Batman captures one criminal to Penguin’s seven. When the election returns start to come in, Penguin gets nervous and captures the city’s election commissioners in an effort to become mayor by force.

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith

Episode #53 Green Ice Part 1 9725-Pt. 1 9 Nov 66

Mr. Freeze kidnaps shapely Miss Iceland from the Gotham City Beauty Contest to freeze her and marry her. He and his henchmen freeze Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara and set up a phony bribe to discredit the lawmen. Next, Mr. Freeze appears at Bruce Wayne’s poolside reception, robbing the guests and freezing them in the pool. Two of his henchmen, disguised as the Dynamic Duo, fight Freeze and allow him to escape. As the guests are freed from the frozen pool, Batman and Robin deduce that Freeze’s hideout is the old Frosty Freezie factory. Once inside, Freeze and his men jump them, place them in giant Frosty Freezie containers, and leave them to be frozen solid!

Guest Stars: Otto Preminger

Episode #54 Deep Freeze Part 2 9725-Pt. 2 10 Nov 66

Clever Batman and Robin turn the exhaust nozzles in the bottom of the containers, thus reversing the exhaust process and melting their icy doom. All Gotham is distressed with the evidence that Batman has succumbed to the Villain’s bribes. Freeze, meanwhile, commences his crowning caper – the blackmail of Gotham City. He threatens to freeze the entire city under a giant glacier unless they can cough up one billion dollars.

Guest Stars: Otto Preminger

Episode #55 The Impractical Joker Part 1 9723-Pt. 1 16 Nov 66

Joker vandalizes a number of key objects around Gotham, and Commissioner Gordon begs Batman and Robin to solve his enigmatic clues.. Joker makes off with the Jeweled Key of Kaincordins and then appears on TV to offer another obscure clue to Batman and Robin. Figuring it out, the Dynamic Duo rush to a fur salon and confront the gang, who manage to escape. The Batcomputer tracks the Joker to his hideout, an old key factory. But when Batman and Robin bound in on the gang, the Joker’s henchmen get the drop on them. Robin is placed in a spray wax machine, while Batman is trussed up on a giant key duplicator!

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Howard Duff

Episode #56 The Joker’s Provokers Part 2 9723-Pt. 2 17 Nov 66

Just before the sharp cutting blade slices into him, Batman is able to wrench a key from his Utility Belt and jam the key duplicator’s mechanism, causing it to release him so he can rescue Robin from the spray wax. Meanwhile, Joker plans to take over Gotham City using a time machine and hallucinogens in the city’s reservoir. Alfred arrives at the Water Works on his Alfcycle to save the city, with a little help from the Dynamic Duo.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero

Episode #57 Marsha, Queen of Diamonds Part 1 9727-Pt. 1 23 Nov 66

Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, enslaves Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara to get to the huge Batdiamond, which powers the Batcomputer. The witchy Aunt Hilda brews up an extra-strong love potion so Marsha can work her magic on Batman, but the drug strikes Robin instead and he is instantly smitten. Marsha presents her ultimatum: the Batdiamond for Robin’s freedom from her spell. Batman swears that no stranger can enter the Batcave, and Marsha points out that if he marries her, she won’t be a stranger. At the church, Marsha joins Batman at the altar. “Do you take this woman . . .”

Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones

Episode #58 Marsha’s Scheme Of Diamonds Part 2 9727-Pt. 2 24 Nov 66

The wedding is halted in the nick of time by Alfred, disguised as an English solicitor, and Aunt Harriet, as the one and only Mrs. Batman. Marsha escapes while Batman and Alfred give Robin a Bat-antidote. They trace Marsha to Aunt Hilda’s cave. Marsha desperately calls on the Grand Mogul and the Guardians to chop down the Duo, while Hilda tries her powerful toad-turning potion on them. Marsha triumphantly walks into Gordon’s office, with the Grand Mogul carrying a cage containing a blue-caped toad and a red-caped toad…who speak with the voices of Batman and Robin!

Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones

Episode #59 Come Back, Shame Part 1 9729-Pt. 1 30 Nov 66

Batman and Robin discover that outlaw Shame is designing a special truck which can outrun the Batmobile. Batman plants a phony radio annoucement about Bruce Wayne’s new valve lifters in his limousine that can get the car up to 200 mph. Shame and his hombres rustle the limousine outside of town, and the Caped Crusaders trace the special infra-red tire tracks to the bad guys’ Westernland hideout. There, a terrific barroom brawl ensues, during which the Terrific Twosome are caught in the spokes of a wagon wheel chandelier. Shame then stakes Batman and Robin out in the street and lets loose a small herd of stampeding cattle at them!

Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson, Joan Staley

Episode #60 It’s How You Play The Game Part 2 9729-Pt. 2 1 Dec 66

Shame and his friends depart, but the stampeding cows cause Batman’s stake to come loose. He gets free of his bonds and draws the cattle away from his chum by waving his cape, matador-style. After running down several dead ends and having a shootout at Westernland (during which Robin is wounded and treated with Batcillin), the pair realizes that Shame is after the four prize Black Angus bulls that will be on display at that day’s rodeo. Batman and Robin face off with Shame and the others for a shoot-out.

Guest Stars: Cliff Robertson, Joan Staley, Werner Klemperer

Episode #61 The Penguin’s Nest Part 1 9701-Pt. 1 7 Dec 66

At his super-exclusive restaurant, The Penguin’s Nest, Penguin requires all the patrons to handwrite their own orders. He then plans to return to prison and give these writing samples to his forger cohort Ballpoint Baxter, so the two can extort money from the unsuspecting millionaires. But the scheme runs “a-fowl” when he is sent to the city jail instead of the state prison! While Batman and Robin finally figure out Penguin’s plot, the villain’s gang spring him from the jail and stuff Chief O’Hara into a trunk. Penguin plans to drop the trunk into the water, spray the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder with machine gun fire, and then throw a switch, electrifying the pool!

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Stanley Ralph Ross (one of the show’s most prolific writers), Ted “Lurch” Cassidy

Episode #62 The Birds Last Jest Part 2 9701-Pt. 2 8 Dec 66

Ducking behind their Batshields to avoid the machine gun fire, Batman and Robin toss a reverse polarity wire over Penguin’s circuit, causing the trunk containing O’Hara to fly out of the water and land poolside. Batman and Robin prosecute at Penguin’s trial, but Penguin’s eloquent defense backfires and he is once again released. The Dynamic Duo then disguise Alfred as Quill-Pen Quertch, the most brilliant forger ever. But Penguin catches on to Alfred’s masquerade, rolls the butler inside a gigantic pie, and threatens to cook the pastry unless Wayne can cough up $1,000,000!

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith

Episode #63 The Cat’s Meow Part 1 9737-Pt. 1 14 Dec 66

Fiendish feline Catwoman plots to steal the voices of Brit-pop sensations Chad and Jeremy with the tricky Voice-Eraser she made in prison. Catwoman calls Gordon and steals his voice. Masquerading as dance teacher Edna Klutz, Catwoman visits young Dick at Wayne Manor, but is forced to escape when she sneezes her disguise apart. Batman and Robin then rush to the dance studio where they find Catwoman and her crusty crew, who scratch Catamin into their handsome faces. Then the Peerless Pair are locked into a giant echo chamber where the dripping of a faucet is magnified ten million times, threatening to reduce their minds to oatmeal.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, Chad and Jeremy, Joe Flynn, Judy Strangis

Episode #64 The Bat’s Kow Tow Part 2 9737-Pt. 2 15 Dec 66

Batman hums the chamber’s F sharp above high C sympathetic vibration, thus blasting the room apart for his and Robin’s escape. Then they rush to the Policeman’s Ball where Chad and Jeremy are singing. Catwoman is already there and steals their voices in the middle of a song. Later, Catwoman crashes the Allen Stevens Show to announce her ransom demand: $22,400,000 for the return of Chad and Jeremy’s voices. Catwoman further threatens to de-voice everybody unless she is paid by noon the next day.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, Chad and Jeremy, Joe Flynn, Jay Sebring, Judy Strangis, Steve Allen, Don Ho

Episode #65 The Puzzles Are Coming Part 1 9731-Pt. 1 21 Dec 66

The perfidious Puzzler sends a baffling backward puzzle clue on a toy plane through Commissioner Gordon’s window. Batman and Robin deduce that it refers to multi-billionaire Artemus Knab (“Bank” spelled backwards), who claims to be working on a legitimate deal with Puzzler. A publicity balloon leads them to Knab’s Gotham Airport christening of his supersonic plane, the Retsoor. Puzzler and his gang immobilize the guests and the Dynamic Duo with Puzzle Gas. Batman and Robin recover and follow another balloon clue to Puzzler’s balloon factory hideout, where they are captured and sent aloft in a hot-air balloon, the basket of which is rigged to drop at 20,000 feet.

Guest Stars: Maurice Evans

Episode #66 The Duo Is Slumming Part 2 9731-Pt. 2 22 Dec 66

Robin manages to jam the altimeter with a stale piece of gum while employing his bird-calling talents to entice a nearby bird to peck a small hole in the balloon, thus allowing it to float easily back to Earth. The Duo then rush back to Puzzler’s balloon factory, only to have the wily crooks elude them. Batman deciphers the last remaining Puzzle clue and deduces that Puzzler’s real loot is the Retsoor. Can they reach the hangar before Puzzler takes off?

Guest Stars: Maurice Evans, Andy Devine

Episode #67 The Sandman Cometh Part 1 9715-Pt. 1 28 Dec 66

When a commercial advertises a cure for insomnia, Batman figures correctly that it is part of a villainous plot by Catwoman and Sandman. Proceeding to the house of J. Pauline Spaghetti, a billionairess who hasn’t slept in seven years, the dynamic duo find Sandman masquerading as the sleep therapist from the commercial, Dr. Somnambula. However, since none of her valuables are missing, Sandman is able to slip out. Heading to the Morpheus Mattress factory, Batman is captured and tied beneath a button-stitching device, while Robin is put in a sleep trance and instructed to activate the machine.

Guest Stars: Michael Rennie; Julie Newmar

Episode #68 The Catwoman Goeth Part 2 9715-Pt. 2 29 Dec 66

Robin is placed in the inescapable catmaze, as Batman narrowly escapes a piercing death below a button machine. Meanwhile, Sandman sneaks over to J. Pauline Spaghetti’s house. Batman escapes and learns from Commissioner Gordon that Sandman and J. Pauline have just withdrawn $200,000,000 from her bank account and eloped to her private island. Upon hearing of the doublecross, Catwoman releases Robin from the maze. The dynamic duo hop in the Batboat and head to the island to save the Spaghetti fortune and capture Sandman.

Guest Stars: Michael Rennie; Julie Newmar, Gypsy Rose Lee

Episode #69 The Contaminated Cowl Part 1 9739-Pt. 1 4 Jan 67

While Bruce Wayne awards atomic physicist Professor Overbeck a subsidy to continue his fine work, the Mad Hatter and his cohorts steal 700 hat boxes from Bonbon’s Box Boutique. That evening at the Headdress Ball, the Hatter swipes Hattie Hatfield’s priceless ruby and sprays Batman with radioactive fumes, contaminating his cowl. When Batman and Robin visit Professor Overbeck to get the cowl decontaminated, the Hatter, posing as the scientist’s assistant, steals the cowl while Batman changes into a fresh outfit. The Hatter’s men get the upper hand and lock the Dynamic Duo into a Fluoroscopic Cabinet where high-voltage X-rays will irradiate them forever.

Guest Stars: David Wayne

Episode #70 The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul Part2 9739-Pt. 2 5 Jan 67

After Mad Hatter leaves, Overbeck replaces Batman and Robin in the Fluoroscopic Cabinet with a couple of skeletons from his own closet, tricking the crooks into thinking that the Dynamic Duo have been blasted to bones. But Overbeck’s cleaning lady spots the cowled skeletons and sends the whole world into mourning by announcing that Batman and Robin are dead! Mad Hatter chooses this time to substitute Hattie Hatfield’s ruby, which he knew all along to be fake, for the really priceless ruby in the forehead of the Golden Buddha of Bergama on display at the Gotham Art Center.

Guest Stars: David Wayne

Episode #71 The Zodiac Crimes Part 1 9733-Pt. 1 11 Jan 67

The dastardly duo of Penguin and the Joker, accompanied by evil beauty Venus, plans twelve crimes corresponding to the signs of the Zodiac. And their first caper is to divert Batman and Robin to a rehearsal of “The Twins” (Gemini) while Joker steals the real twins, the fabulous Twin Diamonds from the Jewelry Shop. Smitten by the Caped Crusader, Venus leads the Duo to the opera house where Joker kidnaps Leo Crustash (both Leo and Scorpio) from the stage in the middle of a performance. When they try to interfere with Joker’s next caper, the heist of the museum’s masterpiece entitled “Virgin Bereaved” (Virgo), Joker and his men tie the Dynamic Duo to an altar in the museum underneath a meteorite rigged to fall on them when its supporting cable is cut by a revolving thermite fuse.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Terry Moore

Episode #72 The Joker’s Hard Time Part 2 9733-Pt. 2 12 Jan 67

While Batman frees his left hand and hurls the Batarang at the thermite bomb, Joker steals the statue of Justice (Libra) from Police Headquarters. Batman and Robin finally free themselves to join the chase. But Venus has already lifted the famous Golden Scorpion (Scorpio) from the Jewelry Shop, and Joker moves to kidnap millionaire Basil Bowman (Sagittarius). When Batman and Robin bound in, Joker uses Venus as a shield to escape. She switches to the side of the good guys and leads Batman and Robin to Leo Crustash’s hiding place. But when Joker nets a priceless fish (Pisces) from the International Zoologists’ Society exhibition, he also nets the Dynamic Duo and Venus. At the criminals’ lair, Batman, Robin and Venus are left chained in a shallow pool to be devoured by a giant clam.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Terry Moore

Episode #73 The Penguin Declines Part 3 9733-Pt. 3 18 Jan 67

Batman uses superhuman strength to burst his bonds and pull Robin from the clam’s jaws. Joker’s men have helped Penguin escape from prison, and now he helps Joker in his last two capers. Joker turns the entire Gotham City water supply (Aquarius) into Joker-Jello and then asks $10,000,000 to de-gelatinize it. Meanwhile, Penguin visits Venus at Bruce Wayne’s apartment to sweet-talk her into getting his criminal record out of the Batfile for him. When Batman and Robin return from masterfully de-gelatinizing the reservoir themselves, Venus coaxes them into taking her to the Batcave. But Penguin and Joker have hidden in the Batmobile’s trunk and spring out at the Caped Crusader’s lair, hoping to make Batman the goat (Capricorn).

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Terry Moore

Episode #74 That Darn Catwoman Part 1 9743-Pt. 1 19 Jan 67

Catwoman’s stooge, Pussycat, drugs Robin with cataphrenic and recruits him into Catwoman’s gang. Catwoman plans to raise a million dollars to buy the plans to the Gotham City Mint. She and the gang, assisted by Robin, rob Wayne Manor and several other places to get cash. Batman figures Catwoman will next hit Prince lbn Kereb of Gedalias’s weighing-in ceremony (whereby the Prince equals his weight in greenbacks). Batman trounces Catwoman’s henchmen but Robin overpowers him. Batman follows the gang to Catlair West, where he is captured and trussed up in a terrible trap… that will spring as soon as Robin finishes sawing the rope.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, Leslie Gore

Episode #75 Scat! Darn Catwoman Part 2 9743-Pt. 2 25 Jan 67

Catwoman offers to free Batman if he joins her. He agrees but secretly takes a Universal Batantidote before Catwoman uses cataphrenic. Batman goes with the gang to visit Little Al at the Old Criminal’s Home to buy the plans to the Mint, and manages to phone an anonymous tip to the cops leading to the capture of Robin and Pussycat. Catwoman then talks Batman into taking her to the Batcave. He sprays her with Batsleep and they drive to his hideout, leaving a note for Alfred to take Batantidote to Robin at Police Headquarters. Catwoman, Batman, and the gang break into the Mint and are confronted by Robin. The Dynamic Duo makes mincemeat of the gang, but Catwoman escapes in the Batmobile.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, Leslie Gore

Episode #76 Penguin Is a Girl’s Best Friend Part 1 9741-Pt. 1 26 Jan 67

When Batman and Robin mistakenly break up a holdup scene for a movie Penguin is shooting with Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, they are signed to acting roles in the film. While on location at the Museum of Antiquities, Pengy’s movie gang steals an entire collection of fifteenth-century armor. When Batman learns of the theft, Penguin immediately shoots a scene in which the Dynamic Duo are beaten and captured for real. Then, the Peerless Pair are tied to a huge double catapult, to be launched over Gotham City like a pair of squashed tomatoes.

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Carolyn Jones

Episode #77 Penguin Sets A Trend Part 2 9741-Pt. 2 1 Feb 67

Batman remote-controls the Batmobile to catch him and Robin when they are catapulted. Then, feeling he must stick close to Penguin, he and Robin rejoin the film company. Penguin dresses them in armor and clanks them onto two huge electro-magnets. The villain marches off with his own fifteenth- century armored division to visit star-struck General Magruder at the Hexagon and to steal some obscure military plans. Batman throws a piece of metal into an open light socket, and shorts out the fuse and the electro-magnet. Still armored, the Dynamic Duo chase Penguin to an alley where they are caught in a barrage of garbage cans. Penguin pays a garbage truck driver to take them away with his other scrap to be mashed in a high-pressure hydraulic scrap-metal crusher.

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Carolyn Jones, Alan Reed

Episode #78 Penguin’s Disastrous End Part 3 9741-Pt. 3 2 Feb 67

But Batman and Robin counter the hydraulic pressure of the crusher with the Batpumps. Penguin, meanwhile, locks his armor in Aunt Hilda’s cave, then goes with his entourage to the Sub-Treasury for the final scene of his caper. Marsha distracts the guards, while Penguin and his men carry mysteriously bulky equipment into the vault. Batman and Robin trace Hilda’s runaway lizards through the sewers to her cave where the Henchman guarding the armor inadvertently reveals Penguin s activities. Batman, Robin, Chief O’Hara, Gordon and lots of cops arrive at the Sub-Treasury just as Penguin and company lock themselves into the vault, where they stay for three days. Finally, through an outside wall, the gang emerges — in a tank made from gold bullion.

Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith, Carolyn Jones, Alan Reed

Episode #79 Batman’s Anniversary Part 1 9745-Pt. 1 8 Feb 67

The anniversary of Batman’s alliance with the law is disrupted by the Riddler and his gang, who steal the celebratory golden calf filled with $200,000. The Riddler next floods the underground vault at the Gotham City Bank, and the Duo rush in and tangle with Riddler and his gang. When Robin’s Batrespirator is ripped off, Riddler escapes and leaves a clue on the bank door. Riddler returns to the Factory to dry out the stolen money and purchase a terrifying tiny device called the De-Molecularizer, Meanwhile the Dynamic Duo keep an appointment at the Bakers Guild to pose for the sculptured marshmallow figures which will top the anniversary cake. Riddler and his gang, disguised as bakers, lift Batman and Robin to the top of the three-story high cake on a cherry-picker, then chortle as they step off onto the icing — which is really quicksand

Guest Stars: John Astin

Episode #80 A Riddling Controversy Part 2 9745-Pt. 2 9 Feb 67

Recalling the similarity of water and quicksand, Batman and Robin remain motionless, then set off Heel and Toe Batrockets which zoom them out of the trap. Riddler has pulled another heist leaving another clue. The Duo race to the penthouse of a wealthy exiled South American dictator whom Riddler has trapped in a puzzle cage with explosives at his feet. Robin finds the key to the puzzle and Batman opens the box to find a paper donkey’s tail. Riddler exhibits the destructive powers of his new De-Molecularizer on a park statue for the Duo, Gordon and O’Hara. Unless Gotham City’s criminal statutes are rescinded, Police Headquarters is his next target.

Guest Stars: John Astin

Episode #81 The Joker’s Last Laugh Part 1 9747-Pt. 1 15 Feb 67

When Gotham becomes plagued by counterfeit bills, Batman and Robin trace the money to a teller at the Gotham Bank who is actually a robot controlled by the Joker. Batman traces the robot’s origin back to a comic book printing press. As Bruce Wayne, Batman asks the Joker to print more fake money to help him out of financial trouble, promising to make him vice president of the bank in exchange. Robin leaps through the window to capture Joker and is pinned onto a printer, about to be pressed into a comic book.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero

Episode #82 The Joker’s Epitaph Part 2 9747-Pt. 2 16 Feb 67

Alfred arrives just in time to save our heroes from disaster, but the Joker escapes with a certificate from Wayne naming him as vice president of the bank. Commissioner Gordon asks Batman to nab Bruce Wayne for handing control of the bank over to the Joker. Joker shows up at Wayne Manor with a tape of Bruce asking Joker to print more counterfeit money and says that he will go public with it unless Wayne kills Batman and Robin. When he refuses, Joker orders him to marry his moll Josie, with the initial marriage settlement to be $3,000,000. Meanwhile, Gordon has called in a German medical expert to have Bruce Wayne institutionalized.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero

Episode #83 Catwoman Goes To College Part 1 9747-Pt. 2 16 Feb 67

Catwoman is paroled into the care of Bruce Wayne. She registers as a criminology major at G.C.U., but it’s apparent that her fiendish follies are far from over. Catwoman incites a student riot and Batman is falsely arrested, but escapes disguised as Alfred. Catwoman, meanwhile, is working on her plot to steal the Patagonian Cat’s Eye Opals. She lures Batman and Robin to the top of a tall building. Bound hand and foot, the Dynamic Duo are tossed into a giant coffee cup which is part of an advertising sign. Two large instant sulfuric acid cubes are dumped into the pot perched above them, and the giant percolator is poised to pour into the cup its deadly liquid.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar, Art Linkletter

Episode #84 Batman Displays His Knowledge Part 2 9749-Pt. 2 23 Feb 67

But Batman uses the sulfuric acid to burn through his ropes and hurls the Batarang at the master switch, turning off the sign. Catwoman and her men successfully steal the opals, but discover that Batman has tricked them and the stones are only cheap imitations. She sends a message to Batman, inviting him to meet her alone at the model house at the Sherlock Homes Real Estate development at midnight. Catwoman prepares a poisonous perfume for their meeting.

Guest Stars: Julie Newmar

Episode #85 A Piece Of The Action Part 1 9751-Pt. 1 1 Mar 67

Green Hornet and Kato stealthily enter the Pink Chip Stamp Factory and are ejected by the foreman, Col. Gumm, and his assistants. Factory owner Pinky Pinkston is worried and calls Commissioner Gordon for help. Batman tells Gordon he suspects Pinky’s factory is turning out fake stamps. At night, Green Hornet and Kato enter the factory and are taken by Gumm and his men while Batman and Robin enter through a window. The Caped Crusaders attempt to rescue the Green Hornet but, stuck to a glue table, they are forced to watch the Green Hornet and Kato being fed to the Enlarged Perforation and Coiling Machine to become man-sized stamps. There will be four stamps soon, Gumm chortles.

Guest Stars: Roger C. Carmel, Van Williams, Bruce Lee

Episode #86 Batman’s Satisfaction Part 2 9751-Pt. 2 2 Mar 67

As they are unglued, the Caped Crusaders leap to and disconnect the electric plug. The gang scatters and Gumm kidnaps Pinky, but she has managed to leave a coded message in a bowl of alphabet soup. Batman decodes the message, which mentions a warehouse and a warning about the Stamps Exhibition. Meanwhile, Gumm has mistakenly deduced that Bruce is Green Hornet and Britt is Batman. After Pinky’s poodle chews her free, she and Gotham’s finest rush to the International Stamps Exhibition. Gumm breaks up the affair by grabbing the stamps, and is escaping with his men when the Hornet and Kato, Batman and Robin arrive to flatten the villains.

Guest Stars: Roger Carmel, Van Williams, Bruce Lee, Edward G. Robinson

Episode #87 King Tut’s Coup Part 1 9755-Pt. 1 8 Mar 67

Tut and his minions steal a jeweled casket from the Gotham City Museum, while Tut plans to claim his queen, the beautiful Lisa Carson, at Bruce Wayne’s Egyptian ball. Fearing Tut will show up at the ball, Batman has the police come in costume, ready to apprehend the villain. But, when Deputy Mayor Zorty arrives in a King Tut costume given to him by a stranger, the police arrest him instead. The real Tut and his men manage to sneak in kidnap Lisa. Batman and Robin show up at his hideout but are knocked out. With Robin looking on, Batman is sealed inside the jeweled casket. Struggling against his bonds, Robin sees bubbles rise as the casket sinks into a large vat of water.

Guest Stars: Victor Buono

Episode #88 Batman’s Waterloo Part 2 9755-Pt. 2 9 Mar 67

Alfred, alerted by the emergency Bat-transmitter, hops on his Alfcycle to come to Batman’s rescue. He empties the water from the vat and wakes Batman from the trance he put himself in to survive. Meanwhile, Lisa Carson’s father has agreed to pay a huge ransom to Tut for his daughter. When Tut learns Batman is alive, he instructs the caped crusader to bring the money to an abandoned boiler works alone. Batman roars up on the Batcycle to find that Robin is about to be tossed into boiling oil.

Guest Stars: Victor Buono

Episode #89 Black Widow Strikes Again Part 1 9753-Pt. 1 15 Mar 67

The evil Black Widow and her cohorts are behind a string of bank robberies, which Batman realizes are occurring in alphabetical order. Following up a warning to the Gotham General Bank, Batman and Robin confront Black Widow as she enters the building. She and Tarantula escape and are followed by Batman and Robin to their hideout, which is complete with underground web. They find Black Widow and her henchmen, who release black widow spiders at their feet and depart.

Guest Stars: Tallulah Bankhead

Episode #90 Caught In The Spider’s Den Part 2 9753-Pt. 2 16 Mar 67

Batman uses his mini-charge to electrocute the spiders and escape the web. Black Widow turns her brain-wave short-circuiter with reversed polarity on the two, and Batman, who is still wearing his electrodes, succumbs to her electronic charms. After Robin has been tied up, he uses the remote control unit of the Batcomputer to ask for a new bank to rob. The computer suggests the Just Opened Heritage Bank, but warns that Batman’s life is in danger.

Guest Stars: Tallulah Bankhead

Episode #91 Pop Goes The Joker Part 1 9757-Pt. 1 22 Mar 67

Joker becomes a pop art icon when he disfigures a prominent artist’s work and then wins an art contest by leaving his canvas blank. His plot becomes clear when he then enrolls pupils for an art course, accepting millionaires only, Bruce included. Joker breaks the news to his pupils that they’re prisoners –he’s holding them for a ransom which is to be their respective art collections. Robin finds Bruce and tries to rescue him by thumping Joker’s henchmen with the students’ sculptures, but he’s overcome and strung up in a mobile of slashing giant palette knives as Bruce is forced to watch.

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero

Episode #92 Flop Goes The Joker Part 2 9757-Pt. 2 23 Mar 67

Robin dodges knives while Bruce wriggles out of his bonds and helps Robin get free. Joker sweet-talks Baby Jane into forgiving him, as well as into giving him the entire Renaissance Collection from the Museum! He demands ten million dollars for the paintings, only to find that he’s been duped by Batman and some clumsy paintings of Alfred’s. Picking up Baby Jane, he bolts for Wayne Manor where he hopes to grab enough cash to hide out a while. Alfred fends him off with candlesticks, but Joker is dangerously close to the Batpoles and, therefore, to discovering the secrets of the Batcave!

Guest Stars: Cesar Romero

Episode #93 Ice Spy Part 1 9759-Pt. 1 29 Mar 67

Mr. Freeze uses an iceberg to kidnap skating star Glacia Glaze and scientist Isaac Isaacson, who has developed a formula for instant ice, from an ocean liner. Batman decides there was an accomplice aboard ship and puts the Batcomputer to work on finding the culprit, whom he suspects to be Glacia Glaze herself. Beneath the ice rink, Freeze tortures Isaacson to get the formula and submits his ransom demand: a hefty sum to be delivered by Batman and Robin. The Duo arrive with the money, but Freeze realizes it’s phony and shoves them into a transparent vaporizing pipe which will evaporate them into the ice of the rink above.

Guest Stars: Eli Wallach, Leslie Parrish

Episode #94 The Duo Defy Part 2 9759-Pt. 2 30 Mar 67

After Batman and Robin have seemingly been vaporized, Mr. Freeze, afraid of detection, decides to return to the iceberg. When they’ve gone, Batman and Robin, who have used all emergency exit, step out of Isolde’s sealhouse. The next day, Mr. Freeze, his iceberg now one of many in Gotham Harbor, gets the formula and Glacia woos Isaacson into showing them how it works. Using the President’s Congressional teleprompter, Mr. Freeze informs the country of his plans to demonstrate his Ice-Ray Beam.

Guest Stars: Eli Wallach, Carpet King