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Gotham City Location’s

The actual filming of the series was predominately undertaken at ‘The Culver City Studios’. Other notable filming locations include; ‘The Warner Brothers Studios’ in Burbank and ‘The 20th Century Fox Studios’ in Westwood. Check out this page (will open in new tab) from Ben’s 66 Bat-Blog, it features fantastic photo shots of the exteriors at Culver Studios, you will for sure recognise them from various scenes in the series.

Now here are some of the regular location’s shown throughout the series.

Wayne Manor

The exterior of Wayne Manor is a 10 bedroom mansion, built in 1928, located at 380 San Rafael Avenue in Pasadena, California. The production team spent three days in 1965 filming various different shots to use as stock footage. According to an interview by Times they paid the owner at the time, a Mr Van Valkenburgh, $1650 for the privilege.

During the third season you would only ever be shown Bruce’s Study. This was due to time restrictions of fitting a single story into one episode – no time to film scenes elsewhere. Naturally, Aunt Harriet is never allowed into Bruce’s private study – incase she found the entrance to the Batcave. For the three-part ‘Londinium’ episodes, the set for the living/sitting room is used as Lord Fogg’s Mansion – with some minor set changes.

The Batcave

The Batcave directly underneath Wayne Manor. The base of operations for Batman & Robin, naturally you would frequently see Alfred inside. Throughout the series however, we did find other’s who managed to sneak their way inside, including; Commissioner Gordon, Penguin, Joker, Venus, Catwoman, Batgirl and King Tut. Luckily they all failed to see the entrance to the Batcave so could not reveal its true location – except King Tut during the third season – who blasted his way inside! Luckily a new episode of amnesia prevented him remembering.

The real exterior of the Batcave is located at the Bronson Canyon in Griffiths Park, L.A.

Gotham City Police Headquarters

Barbara Gordons Apartment

Other mentionable location’s

Here is a list of other notable location’s used throughout the series.

  • Gotham City Library – frequently used throughout the third season as is the working place of Barbara Gordon
  • Gotham State Penitentiary – shown throughout the whole series. Overseen by Warden Crichton who ensures a programme of rehabilitation for Gotham’s villains
  • Woodrow Roosevelt High School – where Dick Grayson studies
  • Gotham City National Bank – one of various banks within the city others include; City Bank, American, Beneficial, Commercial, Diversified, Empire and Federal State
  • Gotham City Water & Power Plant
  • Gotham Reservoir