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A tribute to the classic 66-68 Batman TV series & movie

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Riddle Me This

Riddle: Why is an orange like a bell?
Answer: Because both need to be peeled

Riddle: When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?
Answer: When its two to two

Riddle: Why is a quarrel like a bargain?
Answer: It takes two to make one

Riddle: What kind of pins are used in soup?
Answer: Terapins

Riddle: What was Joan of Arc made of?
Answer: She was maid of Orleans

Riddle: How many sides has a circle?
Answer: Two, inside and outside

Riddle: Which President of the United States wore the biggest hat?
Answer: The one with the biggest head

Riddle: What has neither nails or bones but has four fingers and a thumb?
Answer: A glove!

Riddle: There are three men an a boat with a pack of cigarettes and no matches. How did they manage to smoke?
Answer: They threw one cigarette overboard and the boat became a cigarette lighter.

Riddle: When is a person like a piece of wood?
Answer: When it’s a ruler

Riddle: Question, what is it that no man wants, but no man wants to lose?
Answer: A law suit!

Riddle: What is black and white and red all over?
Answer: A newspaper

Riddle: What has branches and leaves but no bark?
Answer: A library

Riddle: What has yellow skin and writes?
Answer: A ball point banana!

Riddle: What people are always in a hurry?
Answer: Rushing people……Russians!

Robin: I’ve got it! Someone Russian is going to slip on a banana peel and break their neck!
Batman: Exactly Robin! It’s the only possible answer!

Riddle: What is always on its way here but never arrives?
Answer: Tomorrow

Riddle: The more you take away from it the larger it grows, what is it?
Answer: A hole

Riddle: Why is silk like grass?
Answer: They are both sold by the yard.

Riddle: Why is a bear like a fallen tree?
Answer: Because they both lumber.

Riddle: What room can no-one enter?
Answer: A mushroom

Riddle: What won’t run long without winding?
Answer: A river

Riddle: When is a person like a stupid relative?
Answer: When it’s a man-a-kin.

Riddle: How much dirt is in a hole 3 acres square and 200 feed deep?
Answer: None because its a hole

Riddle: What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?
Answer: The letter “E”.

Riddle: When is a bonnet not a bonnet?
Answer: When it becomes a young woman!

Riddle: Why is a welder like a woman in love?
Answer: Because they both carry a torch!!

Riddle: Said one baker to another, how do you make a dishonest shortcake?
Answer: Lie-berry

Riddle: Why is a musician’s band stand like an oven?
Answer: It is where he makes his bread

Riddle: Why is a woman in love like a welder?
Answer: Because they both carry a torch

Riddle: What kind of men are always above board?
Answer: Chessmen

Riddle: What kind of a machines have ears?
Answer: A train has engin(ears)

Riddle: When does a Boy Wonder rhyme with bubble?
Answer: “When he’s in trouble”
Riddler: WRONG!!! When he’s DOUBLESPLIT in two halves – right down the MIDDLE!!!!!!!