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As with all shows Batman was accompanied by a soundtrack and music scores, for both the TV series and movie. The theme tune was the work of Neal Hefti, performed by his orchestra. With the shows sound score’s being produced by Nelson Riddle during the first two seasons, with Billy May taking over to produce the final season. The sound scores were instances like the sounds during the fight scenes or the music accompanied over the scenes with the villains.

Batman – Original Television Soundtrack

1966 Batman soundtrack record

Released by 20th Century Fox / 12″ LP Album / 1966

Side 1

  1. Batman Theme
  2. Batman Riddle’s the Riddler! (Hi Diddle Riddle)
  3. Batusi A-Go! Go! (I shouldn’t wish to attract attention)
  4. Two Perfectly Ordinary People (!!!!)
  5. Holy-Hole-In-The-Doughnut (Robin, You’ve Done It Again!)
  6. Batman Pows The Penguin (Aha, My Fine Feathered Finks!)

Side 2

  1. To The Batmobile!
  2. Batman Blues
  3. Holy Flypaper
  4. Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze (That’s The Way The Ice Cube Crumbles!)
  5. Gotham City
  6. Zelda Tempts Batman (Must He Go It Alone????)

I have found this whole album available to stream from YouTube, click play below!

Batman – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra /CD (Compact Disc) / 2000

  1. Acknowledgement/Main Title
  2. Batmobile To Airport
  3. A Good Job
  4. Roger Wilco
  5. Just Rang/Yo Ho, Sir/Let’s Find Out
  6. Tricky Buoy
  7. Torpedoes
  8. Holy Polaris
  9. Kitka
  10. Shades of Smolensic
  11. Jet Umbrellas
  12. Filthy Criminals/Chamber 17
  13. Credulous Creatures/Fine Finkish Friends
  14. Dehydrated/Stand Clear
  15. Flee For Your Life!
  16. False Feathers/Swallow This Pill
  17. My Very Paradise
  18. The Grotto/A Stitch In Time
  19. Emergency Operation
  20. Small Craft
  21. Attack/Take It In Tow
  22. Vials
  23. End Title
  24. Dark Eyes (Bonus Track)
  25. Plaisir d’Amour (Bonus Track) – Giovanni Martini
  26. Again (Bonus Track) – Lionel Newman
  27. Batman Theme (Bonus Track) – Neal Hefti

Batman Theme and the 19 Hefti Bat-Songs

Neal Hefti and his Orchestra / CD (Compact Disc) / 1997

  1. Batman Theme
  2. Evil Plot To Blow Up Batman
  3. Sewer Lady
  4. The Mafista
  5. Holy Diploma Batman! Straight A’s!
  6. Eivol Ekdol, The Albanian Genius
  7. The Batusi
  8. Just A Simple Millionaire
  9. My Fine Feathered Finks
  10. Mr. Freeze
  11. Jervis
  12. Batman Chase
  13. Gotham City Municipal Swing Band
  14. Senorita Boo Bam
  15. Honorable Batman
  16. Robin’s Egg Blues
  17. King Tut’s Tomb
  18. Mother Gotham
  19. Fingers
  20. Soul City

Miranda by Adam West

Released on LP in 1966 – found recently on YouTube – click play below!

Other Mentionable Releases Include

Adam West also released a track’s titled; ‘Batman & Robin’ and ‘The Story of Batman’

Burt Ward had two releases; ‘I’ve Got Love For My Baby’ and ‘Boy Wonder, I Love You’

Burgess Meredith had two releases; ‘The Capture’ and ‘The Escape’

Frank Gorshin had two releases; ‘Never Let Her Go’ and ‘The Riddler’

Again, the track ‘The Riddler’ is available to play from YouTube below!

If anyone has information on any other releases, please contact me by filling in the form which is linked on the top right hand corner of every page.