1966 Batman Pages

A tribute to the classic 66-68 Batman TV series & movie

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1973 U.S Department of Labor (Equal pay for women)

Dick Gautier fills in as Batman for Adam West, in this 1970’s public service announcement for equal pay. Alongside Burt Ward & Yvonne Craig.

1966 Jean Boone Interview

An interview circa the release date of the 1966 Batman Movie featuring; Lee Meriwether, Cesar Romero, Adam West and William Dozier.



The Will Shriner Show

This is an interview from the 1980’s featuring; Adam West, Burt Ward, Yvonne Craig, Julie Newmar and Stanley Ralph Ross.

1965 ABC Presentation

This is the network presentation for Batman shown to ABC executives in 1965. In effect a short early / pre-cursor to the first episode ‘Hi Diddle Riddle / Smack in the Middle’.

ABC Television Advertisements

This is a collection of five advertisements shown by ABC for the series (all seasons).

Videos on external websites (links)

The ‘Batscope’ webpage (bat friend.com) – Includes a collection of fantastic videos which I would highly recommend viewing. Clicking here opens the link to an external webpage in a new tab/page, to find the following videos;

  • The complete screen tests in full for Adam West & Burt Ward, as well as, Lyle Waggoner & Peter Deyell (the second choice of actors to play Batman & Robin).
  • The 1967 ABC network presentation. This was a presentation shown to ABC executives in 1967 which introduced Yvonne Craig as Batgirl to the series, this was an successful attempt to save the Batman series from cancellation – paving the way for season three.
  • An interview by Telescope (CBC production) with William Dozier