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Please enjoy all of these free online games!

Please note that none of these games have been produced by Bat-Mania.

Batman : The Movie “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em”

Batman Movie boxing game

This is basically a boxing game with the characters from the 1960’s movie, as you can see from the picture above you need to unlock some of the characters. Fun POW SMACK BAM sounds are included on this game with sound captions also from the movie.

Instructions: ‘A’ = left punch, ‘S’ = right punch, ‘D’ = dodge, left/right keys to move.

Created by:

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Batman Movie boxing game

Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This

Answer all of the Riddler’s riddles before the time bomb runs out! If you do not know the answer maybe ask Alfred for assistance…

Instructions: Type the answer into the box and click submit.

Created by: (Now hosted on the Wayback Machine)

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Riddle Me This

Bat-Attack: The Road to Gotham City


Commissioner Gordon has just called Batman now you need to drive the Batmobile into Gotham City in the fastest time possible. However; the Joker, Egghead, Catwoman, Penguin and Mr. Freeze have all been sent out to slow you down!

Instructions : The ‘UP’ arrow key to accelerate, ‘LEFT’/’RIGHT’ keys to steer, ‘DOWN’ key = brakes, ‘SPACE’ = Bat-Lazer

Created by: (Now hosted on the Wayback Machine)


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Bat-Attack Bat-Attack

Knockout 2Face, Penguin and Joker

Knockout Penguin Joker 2Face Game

As you can see its a very simple little “fun fair” style game where you knockout the villains for points. The Joker is the hardest to hit therefore he has the more points.

Instructions : Use Space bar to punch and arrow keys to move sideways.

Created by: Unknown Hosted at:

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Ice Cold Getaway

Batman Ice Cold Getaway Mr. Freeze Online Game

Avoid the iceberg and collect diamonds to advance through levels.

Instructions : Right / Left Arrows – Navigate. Spacebar – Launch Torpedo.

Created by: Hosted at:

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